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He seduces the thief of his iPhone to recover his property

A New York resident managed to find his lost iPhone in a taxi using cunning?


Nadav Nirenberg will be extra vigilant the next time he takes the taxi and especially if he is accompanied by his iPhone. Indeed, this resident of New York, and musician surcrot, used to take the taxi to move between two concert halls. On December 31, the trombone follower unfortunately parked his smartphone in the taxi he had borrowed. And while he thought he had lost his precious telephone forever, the latter had a little surprise from the first day of the year … Indeed, the musician received an email – sent automatically by Apple – to signal that his iPhone was used by someone other than him. Subsequently, he realized that the person who had stolen his iPhone was using an application intended to meet people, one of whose features is being able to send SMS messages from women …

Realizing the opportunity open to him to find the person who "stole" his iPhone, the New Yorker decided to try "his luck". This is how Mr. Nirenberg took the initiative to register on the dating site in question using a false identity and above all, the photo of a pretty woman? Thread in needle, the latter managed to enter in touch with the owner of his iPhone and seduced him in no time.

The passing days, the musician managed to easily convince the thief to come to his house. And it was with a bottle of wine in hand that the thief landed … Unfortunately for him, Nadav Nirenberg was waiting for him with a hammer and offered him 20 dollars to recover his precious smartphone. Surprised and especially very embarrassed by the situation, the thief accepted without flinching to return the iPhone to his owner and left running. You smell super good, then addresses Nadav Nirenberg to him.

Since then, its history has toured the American and Canadian media. He has trouble realizing what is happening to him, as he explains on his Twitter account: I just gave a CBS interview to tell my crazy story. Surrealist.

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