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Exclusive: President Obama signed our iPad

It was at the Lisbon NATO Summit that it all started. Our collaborator on site, Didier Blaise, had decided to try his luck, despite the many security measures in place. The President, in a hurry to go to the meeting, was the exception! He literally stopped in order to "play the game". You should know that in no case can he sign anything during his journey. In fact, pens and other such objects are considered to be ?knives? and can be misused. The iPad escapes the rule since it is handled only with the fingers …

Thanks to the video taken without the knowledge of our special envoy, we can confirm that Obama has easy speech, and that he doesn?t go all out to say: ?How are you?? (How are you?), Followed by "Hi, sign my iPad, I?ve done this once before" ?(Sign my iPad, I already did it once before …"). The Commander-in-Chief of the United States, with the index finger of his left hand, then gave himself up to the task and did the necessary, before continuing on his way, while displaying a big smile to his ears. Suffice to say that the entourage was amazed by the rarity and the exceptional side of the act.

Remember Sylvester Cann, this young student from the University of Washington Seattle, who had the chance, during a meeting, to see his apple tablet signed by the American President in person. Although he had his so-called iPad engraved with the signature of the Head of State, there was no convincing video today. President Obama's relevant remark "I?ve done this once before" now confirms the authenticity of his Seattle signature last October.

Our employee, for his part, will keep an unforgettable memory, and the moment will remain in his memory – just like in that of his iPad – never.

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