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Apple denies the arrival of a "low cost" iPhone

Apple's vice president has silenced rumors of a possible low-cost iPhone …


A few days ago, the site Digitimes revealed the information that Apple has decided to market a low cost iPhone destined for China and emerging countries. A strategy that would have been decided following the success of sales of the iPad mini in China, said the Asian site. While the information was also reported by the Wall street journal, Apple has just denied this information.

?Despite the popularity of low-cost phones, this will never be the future of Apple products. In fact, although Apple has a market share of just 20%, we make 75% of the industry's profits. ?said Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing, Apple.

If this idea of ??offering a low-cost iPhone probably been analyzed by Apple, here is a statement that closes the insistent rumors around this subject that comes up almost every year.

Apple seems privileged to have older iPhone models available as an entry-level and mid-range model in its catalog. Especially since the sales of these models are still continuing successfully. Not to mention the possible risk of offering a low-cost iPhone that could cannibalize sales of the models created.

But it is however possible that Apple does not disclose the information before new revelations … Case to follow!

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