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Download UltraSurf for Windows: free download!

UltraSurf is a utility, free and portable, very practical to browse anonymously and bypass censorship and blocking of certain websites. A tool to try urgently to browse the web or an incognito local network!

Preserve anonymity online

UltraSurfUltraSurf is a free utility that allows you to browse the web anonymously and securely. Indeed, this software is able to hide the IP address of the user through the use of proxy serversUltraSurf and encryption of information.

This tool was developed by Chinese dissidents in 2002 in order to circumvent the Great Firewall in China which consists of censorship and increased surveillance via an IP address blocking thus blocking a large quantity of website.

How to use it ?

Once UltraSurf activated, it opens a web page in the default web browser. On this last point, the developers recommend installing Google Chrome beforehand. This utility is also responsible for automatically deleting cookies and browsing history when the browser is stopped.

Finally, note that this software is portable and can therefore be copied and used from a USB key.