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Download Revit for Windows: free download!

Revit is essential software in the field of CAD in construction. It offers advanced features in modeling, building analysis and to provide advanced documentation and nomenclature during the various phases of the work. The icing on the cake, this solution is free to test in trial version for 30 days!

0136000008383474-photo-revit.jpgAutodesk Revit is a CAD software solution oriented towards building data modeling, commonly called MIB. Used by many building trades, this software is designed to model buildings in 3D and assemble all the nomenclatures and data of the plan and structure.

In order to model complex buildings, the user has numerous modeling tools to design walls, slabs, columns, beams or roofs. The terrain topography is also available. To add new elements, the objects are classified by families, more intuitive to incorporate furniture, joinery and lighting.

Furthermore, Autodesk Revit offers different presentation options to visualize the sketch lines of a building, in isometric view or with a photorealistic rendering thanks to the addition of material textures. As far as the nomenclature is concerned, the software provides monitoring of reviews, complete management of quotes and annotations as well as the various construction phases.

0131000008383472-photo-revit.jpg0131000008383476-photo-revit.jpg Revit also allows you to export reports on areas and schedules. For export, it is possible to save projects in DWF, DXF, DGN, DWF formats as well as the FBX and NWC virtual tour formats.

Even if it is reserved for a professional audience and express, Autodesk Revit Benefit from a clear, intuitive interface and full of tools like that of AutoCAD. Finally, note that it is possible to try this solution in free trial version and in its two editions, the allge version Revit LT and Revit, a full version integrated in the suite Building Design Suite.