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Download PCMark 10 for Windows: free download!


PCMark 10, what for?

Specialist in the test bench, or benchmark (in English), Futuremark now offers PCMark 10. The latest version of its famous software for testing professional or personal computers, this benchmark is aimed at fleet managers as well as simple users who wish to assess the performance of their machines excluding games.

In this perspective, it is indeed the 3DMark test bench of the same publisher is indeed the spearhead of the brand in the field.

What tests for PCMark 10?

In the continuity of what PCMark 8, previous version of the software proposed, the three axes of the tests carried out in order to evaluate the computer are as follows:

  • Essentials : video conferencing, web browsing, application startup
  • Productivity : word processor and spreadsheets
  • Digital content creation : photo editing, video editing and 2D and 3D rendering

The user will have the possibility of launching either the complete bench, enchanting the tests one after the other. Or test your computer only on the desired activities.

Concretely the tests consist for PCMark 10 simulate the use of different software and / or different content in order to test the capacities of the system in different configurations, on different functionalities with different hardware acceleration or not.

PCMark 10 usage

The interface of PCMark has never been so pleasant. Updated after a well-dated version 8, this will allow the complete test to be launched in one click. Note that this test, which includes all unit tests, is relatively long to run. So take some time in front of you.

The menu has 3 other entries. The Benchmark tab will allow you to choose between full, express (reduced to basic tasks) or stretched tests including tests oriented to gaming.


PCMark 10 scores

The first new feature of this new version is, as mentioned earlier, the software interface.

This is repeated until the scores are presented. Indeed, not only does it have a pure design and relatively easy to access, but in addition this page provides access to an interesting level of detail: each large part (Essentials, productivity, etc.) is peeled and each unit test can view its statistics.

The page also allows you to detail the specifications of the computer and, finally, to detail the evolution of the system metrics over time and tests: processor frequency, memory clock and processor cores, temperature processor and graphics card, power consumption and GPU load.

0122000008713216-photo-pcmark-10.jpg 0122000008713218-photo-pcmark-10.jpg
Note that scores can be saved for comparison with other machines.

What should you remember from PCMark 10?

  • PCMark 10 adopts the same interface as 3DMark: easier and more enjoyable
  • The tests are carried out in such a way that the complete bench is performed faster than with PCMark 8
  • Scores are now much more readable and much more easily comparable