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Download MuseScore for Windows: Free Download!

What to do with MuseScore?

0140000008700646-photo-musescore.jpgMuseScore is free software for designing and reading musical scores. This free solution is mainly intended for users who are new to using their editor WYSIWYG allowing to visualize the modifications made simultaneously. Editing notes is simplified, thanks to a neat and intuitive interface.

What are its features?

Via an assistant, the user can design a score step by step by defining a basic model, the armor, the tempo, the number of measures, the anacrouse or even the indication of the measure. The software also supports editing scores for drums and percussion.

MuseScore also allows reading a score as well as editing from a physical or virtual MIDI keyboard integrated into the software. note, the user has the means to search for free partitions to download from the publisher's site.

Supported formats

MuseScore offers several import possibilities including MIDI formats, MusicXML and software extensions Capella, Band-in-a-Box or Guitar Pro.

For export, it is possible to save a score in MusicXML, MIDI, PDF, PNG and SVG formats, to MP3, WAV and FLAC audio extensions. Printing is also possible.

Its handling:

Regarding the interface, MuseScore is intuitive and available in French. Finally, note that it is also possible to find the application MuseScore on Android and iOS smartphone or tablet.