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Download Ad-Aware Antivirus Free for Windows: free download!

This new version of free antivirus by Lavasoft, an anti-spyware specialist, proves to be effective and has a formidable handling. Quality software (re) discover.

anti-virusNew features in version 1.7: Improved malware, real-time protection, stability, performance, and uninstall.

Lavasoft is a pioneer in Swedish software for fighting malware and more specifically spyware (or spyware) and adware (adware).

Since 2008, it offers Ad-Aware in the form of an antivirus suite with a progressive range both in terms of functionality and pricing:

  • Ad-Aware Free Antivirus +, free
  • Ad-Aware Personal Security available for 24 per year per user
  • Ad-Aware Pro Security available for 36 per year per user
  • Ad-Aware Total Security available for 48 per year per user

Each software, of which only the license and the active functionalities ultimately change, offers a clear and simple interface, translated into many languages. Note the good balance between customization and functionality offered by the software in the range.

The antiviruses of the range Ad-Aware offer two types of installation:

  • Compatible, where the software will be used as 2nd line of defense
  • Express where the software will take care of the whole security

This free version, Ad-Aware Free Antivirus +, takes advantage of the common core of the software of the suite: antivirus protection, antispyware (brand specialty), adware, Trojans, etc. on demand (PC analysis) and in real time (opening and modification of local files, downloads). The user will also be able to take advantage of a game mode allowing to deactivate notifications.

Note that during installation, the user must choose whether or not to install and / or configure the Lavasoft Safe browsing, toolbar denouncing scam attempts, as well as the search engine and the default reception Lavasoft Secure Search.