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Download 3DS MAX for Windows: free download!

3DS MAX is the essential software in terms of 3D modeling and rendering. It is distinguished by the richness of its 3D animation features, shading and its many dynamic effects. A reference in the field!

Internationally recognized and said by Autodesk, 3DS MAX is high-end software for 3D modeling, rendering and animation. Having proven itself since 1990, this tool is regularly used to produce special effects and 3D animations in the cinema and in the video game field.

3DS MAX thus offers a plethora of impressive tools and functionalities such as the Mental Ray rendering engine, the use of MAXScript scripts or the character animation engine.

You will also have tools such as Scene Explorer to analyze the data of your most complex scenes or NVidia rendering technology. Adding additional plugins is also available.

Although the software is intended for a professional audience, 3DS MAX has many tutorials and a large online community. The integrated aid is also comprehensive and detailed.

Available in a demonstration version of around 7 GB, 3DS MAX However, a good hardware configuration is required to give the maximum of its capacities.