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Download 3D-Driving-School Europe-Edition for Windows: free download!

With its fun exercises and its 3D environment, more or less successful, this simulation will offer you to understand many driving situations. Ideal for preparing driving licenses A and B!

The first steps before the code and the license

0140000008683738-photo-3d-driving-school-europe-edition.jpgIf obtaining the highway code and driving license A or B is imminent, 3D-Driving-School Europe Edition is a 3D simulation software allowing you to acquire good reflexes on the road and to improve your knowledge. Thanks to the 3D simulation of road driving, you will be able to drive a car or two-wheeler on European roads with varied environments.

The advantages of this simulator:

To do so, several cities are available: it is possible to circulate in the streets of Paris, Berlin, Ghent or London. The same goes for vehicles, the software offers 5 car models, 3 two-wheelers as well as 2 quads and a scooter.

In addition, the 23 exercises available will allow, among other things, to learn priorities at intersections, driving at night, in the rain or on the highway, or even road signs. An English-speaking instructor will give instructions and advice on how to do each exercise successfully. The simulation also has three levels of difficulty to best adapt to the skills of each user.

A fun and educational solution:

Certainly 3D-Driving-School Europe Edition does not compete graphically with recent car simulations from the video game but it allows to understand the rules of the road in a fun way through exercises with increasing difficulty. The many cars and motorcycles will best prepare the A or B license.