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Download XnConvert for Windows: free download!

Before publishing your images on the Internet, printing them, transferring them to a multimedia device or simply sharing them with those close to you, it may be useful to touch them up to improve their appearance, facilitate their transfer and use. To do this, it is possible to use complete editing solutions like GIMP and Paint.NET on the free side or Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro on the paid side. However, it is not necessarily necessary to take out the large artillery. If you want to go faster, not having to search for your tools and process your images in batches without neglecting the quality of the result, there are many free and particularly effective software such as FastStone, Photo Magician, Photophant, Picasa, Light Image Resizer, Multiple Image Resizer .NET, MoDi and Riot. In this area, Clubic invites you to discover the new free, rich and practical solution offered by the editor of the famous XNView!

XnConvert will allow you to retouch, convert, resize, beautify and prepare your images and photos in batches. Excellent surprise, this free application is available on Windows in installable and portable version, but also on Mac and Linux in 32 and 64 bits. Particularly rich and complete, it offers more than 70 image processing functions and supports more than 500 image formats including JPG, Png, Tiff, BMP, GIF,, PSD,, Xcf, PSP, Pef, Tga , WebP and OpenEXR. In the end, it all turns out to be particularly quick and offers excellent results. Benefiting from a clear interface, well organized and translated into French, the set offers a quick start. Designed to satisfy a wide audience, from beginners to advanced users, the utility is articulated in three stages presented in the form of tabs.

First, the "Source" tab will offer you to import your images in batches. To do this, you will be able to select them in Windows Explorer and then simply drag and drop them to the application interface. You can add image folders via the "Add folder" button. The software will instantly display previews in the form of thumbnails and will allow you to quickly classify them by name, size, modification date, EXIF ??date, type or size of print. The most advanced users will appreciate the presence of advanced reading options in RAW, PS, PDF, OpenEXR and HDRI formats.

After selecting your images, you can go to the "Actions" tab. Last its apparent simplicity, this module conceals an impressive number of functions. on the left, the processing column is used to select, configure, organize and associate various image processing functions. All actions are distributed between four menus.

0096000004255220-photo-xnconvert-logo-mikeklo.jpgVia the "Image" menu, it is possible to add a mask, convert the ICC profile, cut the images, delete the metadata, extract a channel, add a watermark, return the image mirroring, modifying the number of colors, modifying the PPO, cropping the images, resizing them, replacing a color, activating an automatic cutout, performing a rotation, performing a vignetting or adding of text.

Via the "Table" menu, you can adjust the parameters of the image in detail, align the histogram, adjust the color balance, contrast, brightness, saturation, levels, but also normalize everything and to balance dark and light shades or to apply negative, spia, polarization, solarization, postrisation effects. For the rest, on the side of the filters and other functions, you can, among other things, accentuate the focus, the edges, the details, soften the image, emboss it, add blur, reduce noise, activate the detection of contours, add noise, create a 3D frame, create a polaroid effect or even create artistic effects. Once you have chosen and configured your image processing functions, you will be able to quickly preview the results on the left and compare them with the originals.

Not stopping in such a good way, the "Exit" tab is not stingy with advanced functions and options. It will first suggest that you define a destination folder to save your processed images. You will have a complete module to rename your images and integrate there if necessary a lot of information related to the date, the size, the directory as well as the EXIF ??and IPTC metadata. In addition, you will be able to convert your images to more than 60 formats including PNG, JPG, BMP, CSV, DPX, HDR, GIF, ICO, TIF, TGA, RAW, PSD, RAD, YUV, PCX and PDF, while fine-tuning the format parameters. Then, you will be able to define the actions to be carried out in the event of name conflicts, activate the creation of multi-page files but also the preservation of the folder structure, attributes, metadata and color profile. Finally, you will have the option to enable deletion of originals, although this is not advised.