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Download Popcorn Time for Windows: free download!

Important note : We invite our users to exercise the utmost vigilance regarding Popcorn Time because according to the French laws in force, it is illegal to use this software in order to download and view works protected by copyright. It is therefore advisable to use this tool to view private or copyright-free videos. The user here engages his own responsibility.

What is Popcorn Time?

Qualified as a real agitator of the web by the gloves of the cinematographic industry, Popcorn Time became known in the news in 2014 for its phenomenal success and its exponential number of downloads. Indeed, it has become the emblem of cinema and online series fans.

Popcorn Time is a software still available in beta that allows you to watch movies and TV series in streaming via the Bittorrent protocol, for free and without advertising.

A size catalog!

Popcorn Time offers a wide range of films and series classified by genre, popularity or their release year. Once the film or episode has been chosen, it is possible to start playing it in streaming, so loading time is necessary.Popcorn Time

The user can also define the resolution of playback, up to 1080p, and choose subtitles in French to watch his favorite series in VOT. Via the options panel, the software proposes changing the theme of the interface and the default subtitle language.

The version offered here is the latest version supported by the original developers. The source code being so free access, the community then resumed the project with a fork including support for VPN and Chromecast.