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Download Angry Birds for Windows: free download!

The first episode ofangry Birds on PC is successful both from an ambience and graphics point of view. It offers a consequent lifespan thanks to all the solo episodes and to the daily tournaments.

angry BirdsAfter having accumulated the records on mobiles, the first opus ofangry Birds is available for free on Windows PC.

The goal of the game is simple because it is enough to come to the end of the pigs, their towers and structures to pass from level to level. To do so, we have the famous birds, each with their own specificities, which must be projected with the right angle and adequate strength. Birds have powers, between the one that divides into three or the one that explodes in mid-flight, as well as various bonuses that can be activated manually.

A consequent lifespan

With several hundred levels spread across more than 15 episodes, angry Birds offers hours of brainstorming in different environments, from the beach to the farm to the mine.

The game also offers a social mode with the Mighty League. This game mode allows you to complete a number of levels in a limited time to earn rewards.

A colorful atmosphere

The atmosphere is successful as well thanks to the colorful graphics, the pleasant soundtrack and the well-adjusted physics.