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How to protect your iPhone location data on iOS 11

IPhone Location Service 1000x657 How to protect your iPhone location data on iOS 11

Several applications on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can collect your location data. Some collect them for good ends while others collect bad ends. Fortunately iOS 11 has features that allow you to control this sharing. In this article, we tell you how to protect your iPhone's location data on iOS 11.

You should know that earlier versions of iOS also offer this possibility, but iOS 11 offers us much more room for maneuver. present, let's get to the heart of the matter.

Protect your iPhone location data

In order to protect the location data of your iPhone, you must set access to each of the applications that can access them. To do this, follow the steps following:

step 1

Open them Settings from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

step 2

Then go down to access the section Confidentiality.

step 3

Then press Location service.

Location Data Location Service 1000x594 How to protect the location data of your iPhone on iOS 11

step 4

Once you have accessed the settings for Location service, you will see which applications can have constant access to your location. In addition, you will see those who have momentary access and those who cannot locate you.

step 5

It is strongly recommended that you take a closer look at applications that have continuous access to your location data. Most apps offer to choose Never, When the app is active and Always. And others Never and When the app is active. Define your choices according to your needs.

Apple asks developers to describe what their applications do with location data. As a result, each application that can use your location data explains to you what your location is doing. As shown in the screenshots below.

Location Data Apps 1000x595 How to protect the location data of your iPhone on iOS 11

Protect your personal data

Your photos, your contacts, your reminders are your sensitive personal data. So you have to have an eye on the apps that have access to these. To do this, go to Settings > Confidentiality. Then at the bottom of the game Location service, you will see the Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Photos section etc. Access each of these sections to see which applications have access to them. You will have the possibility of revoking the access of an application to your contacts, your reminders, your film, your microphone or even your camera

1000x594 Personal Data Localization Service How to protect your iPhone's localization data on iOS 11

For further

At the bottom of the section page Location service, you can see the part System Services. In this part, you have the possibility of customizing all the parameters of the location data on a system-wide scale (Alerts by location, Emergency call, bottoming out of the compass and movements, Time zone, Apple advertisements by location, Important places etc) .

Localization Service System Services 1000x890 How to protect the location data of your iPhone on iOS 11

Also in this section, you will find options for sharing your location data to improve Apple products. These data are collected, says Apple, to: IPhone Analysis, improve Itineraries and traffic etc. You can decide whether or not to share this data with Apple.

Localization Service Product Improvement 1000x890 How to protect the location data of your iPhone on iOS 11

After taking a quick look at all these settings, you now have an idea of ??how you share data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the applications installed on it.

To learn more about the subject, you can also read the article: 8 tips to better protect your privacy on iPhone.

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