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your connection is slow? The fault of the players!

Optical fiber

In Australia, the NBN, which is in charge of installing telecommunications networks, indicates to users that if their Internet connection is slow, it is largely the fault of the players …

It's a pretty amazing speech from Bill Morrow, the CEO of the National Broadband Network in Australia. After being criticized for sometimes catastrophic speeds, the NBN defends itself today by indicating that if the connection is bad, it is because of the players who occupy the network.

The CEO announced that he is considering implementing "fair use" of the network so that some subscribers do not use too much bandwidth at the expense of others. It is thus a question of setting up a clamping system at certain peak hours to handicap the players and force them to a more moderate use of their line.

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Bill Morrow points directly to "the congestion of networks by players" in rural areas, a situation which is difficult to pass since these subscribers pay their package like everyone else. It is thus easier to divert responsibility for network problems from these players than to the quality of its infrastructure …

What's more, the claim is all the more stupid for being false: players actually monopolize the network less than those who take advantage of video streaming solutions or download via P2P networks constantly.