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What does the 8500 mAh battery and its fast 24 watt recharge give?

Announced last April, the smartphone Bluboo S3 plays the card of the very large battery with a capacity of 8500 mAh, with a configuration based on a 6 inch FHD + 18: 9 display and an MTK6750T SoC with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space.

This giant battery ensures long-term autonomy and the manufacturer wants to highlight it by comparing the performance of its smartphone on this point with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and nothing less than the iPhone X from Apple (it's daring !).

Bluboo S3 battery

The test shows that the Bluboo S3 holds around 7 p.m. in continuous playback of high resolution video when the Galaxy S8 (with a 3000 mAh battery) lasts less than 11 hours.

To recharge its large battery, the smartphone also benefits from a fast 12V / 2A recharge, i.e. 24 Watts of power. Compared to the other two models, the Bluboo S3 recharges its 8500 mAh battery up to 91% after 120 minutes, when the Samsung Galaxy S8 (10 Watts recharge) reaches 100% for its 3000 mAh battery and the iPhone X 79% for a 2800 mAh battery.

Bluboo S3 autonomy

Note that the Bluboo S3 is currently benefiting from a promotion which places its price at ? 151 on a limited number of parts, which makes it a particularly attractive large battery smartphone.