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Test of the Crucial MX200 500 GB SSD

SSD technology is mature nowadays, but continues to experience innovations, and the capacity offered by these drives is now more comfortable at an ever more reasonable cost. Also, with the MX200 from Crucial, we are offering a new folder dedicated to these disks which are of a speed that is incomparably compared to conventional mechanical hard disks.

Crucial MX200 SSD: an advanced model

The MX200, from the manufacturer Crucial, is tested here in its version with a capacity of 500 GB. It is the most popular model currently in the range offered by Crucial and goes even further than the other devices of the brand since the MX200 benefits from the all-new dynamic acceleration technology developed by Crucial, promising consistent high throughput.

Measuring in accordance with standard 25 and 7mm thick, it is equipped with a SATA-III 6GB / s interface, compatible with previous SATA standards, and can be installed in both a laptop and a desktop computer.

Without further ado, let's take a closer look at this new Crucial SSD model.

Unpacking the MX200

The Crucial SSD that we present to you in this test is the MX200 SSD 500 GB model with the usual SATA III interface. This model exists in different capacities, 250MB, 500MB and 1TB, but also with different interfaces (SSD version 25, SSD mata, SSD M.2 type 2260 and type 2280).

Crucial MX200 SSD models and interfaces

The different models and interfaces of the Crucial MX200 SSD

As usual, Crucial provides this disc in a cardboard box in a format very close to that of a compact disc, but a little thicker naturally.

The MX200 box

The MX200 box

The contents of the box are very succinct, since there is the SSD disk itself, a 9.5mm adapter to ensure perfect integration of the disk in locations larger than those in 7mm format, and an Acronis True Image license certificate with registration key to allow the duplication of an original disc which will be replaced by the MX200. This last point is particularly important to facilitate the migration of an existing system.

Content of the MX200

Content of the MX200

On the other hand, no screws are provided to help the fixing in a tower case or in a laptop.

Let us pass to the characteristics of this disc in the continuation of this test.

Features of the MX200 SSD

Crucial's MX200 500 GB SSD, in format 25, is equipped with a Marvell 88SS9189 controller with SATA-3 6GB / s interface (SATA-2 compatible retro) and 16nm NAND flash synchronous memory base from Micron, a manufacturer recognized worldwide in the manufacture of memory chips of all kinds.

Crucial gives little information on the controller used, except that it is an 8-channel controller, and that we already found in the M550 that we had already tested, which addresses 8 chips of 64MB each.

On the label of our copy of MX200 is markedHalogen free, indicating that the composite material composing the device will not release toxic gas (in this case hydrogen chloride) in the event of a fire Hopefully not to happen there, especially since the MX200 incorporates an adaptive thermal protection device. Thus, the MX200 adapts the activity of the storage component according to the mode of stress on the disc to prevent overheating of the system. Another advantage of halogen-free composites is that, most of the time, they are lighter. Indeed, our MX200 only displays a tiny 50g all round on our scale, which is particularly appreciable if it is intended for a laptop!

2.5 inch MX200

2.5 inch MX200

Always for protection purposes, the MX200 incorporates a system based on capacitors to ensure data protection in the event of a sudden power cut, thus preventing the corruption of this same data.

Security question, you can count on 256-bit AES encoding to protect your personal or sensitive files against hackers and thieves: it is indeed the level of protection used by banks and hospitals. Crucial reports that its MX200 meets or exceeds all industry standards for encoding, including Microsoft eDrive, IEEE-1667 and TCG Opal 2.0.

To guard against the possibility of data corruption, the Crucial MX200 SSD protects the storage components using an exclusive four-level defense algorithm, without specifying more precisely what these levels are or what this homemade algorithm does exactly. But we have to admit that we never finding problems of this nature with the Crucial SSDs that we have tested in the past so can we reasonably think that this process is effective.

In addition, the MX200 incorporates RAIN technology from Crucial, which protects data at the component level. In this sense, it is comparable to the use of RAID with several hard drives. With all of these professional level technologies, Crucial takes the security of your data to an extremely high level for equipment intended for a wide audience.

Profile of the Crucial MX200

Crucial's MX200 SSD with finesse

Crucial has provided fixing holes both on the side and below, thus ensuring that the disc can be fixed in all situations provided by the various manufacturers of computer cases (both fixed and portable), with the addition of a spacer allowing to include it in the 9.5mm slots.

Obviously, the noise pollution is zero since an SSD does not have any mechanical parts.

Finally, the MTBF announced by Crucial is 1.5 million hours with endurance, the amount of data transferred total of 160TB, or approximately 87Gb per day for 5 years. These good values ??allow Crucial to guarantee its usual 3-year warranty, which has not changed, unlike some competitors who have extended theirs. We may be surprised, but this is nevertheless correct.

And performance in all of this? This is what we are going to review now!

MX200's Performances

We have carried out various tests in operation on a computer equipped with an Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboard, an Intel Core-i7 3770 (cadence 3.4GHz), 16 GB of Ram Kingston HyperX DDR3 PC3-2133 CL11 XMP, all working under Windows 7 SP1 Professional 64 Bits. This motherboard is equipped with two SATA-3 controllers, the first being an Intel Express Z77, and the second a Marvell 9128. The results obtained having been systematically better with the Intel controller, we have retained as these in the rest of this file.

The MX200 that Crucial sent us was in its last firmware revision at the time of this test (revision MU01). Recall that Crucial tends to be very responsive when updating its firmwares for which it provides regular monitoring.

So, on our test configuration, we got the following results withAS SSD Benchmark(version 1.6):

Bench MX200 AS SSD

Performance of the Crucial MX200 SSD 500 GB with AS SSD 1.6

The excellent score of 1034 points is obtained, with 519 Mb / s in sequential reading and almost 476Mb / s in sequential writing.

Now let's get into copying files withCrystal Disk Mark 3.02for Windows 64 Bits:

CrystalDiskMark / MX200 with 1 GB file

CrystalDiskMark with 1 GB file

CrystalDiskMark / MX200 with 4 GB file

CrystalDiskMark with 4 GB file

Let's move on Atto Benchmark 2.46:

Crucial MX200 Atto Benchmark

Performance of the Crucial MX200 500 GB with Atto Disk Benchmark 2.46

The manufacturer announces in its technical data sheet the following results for the MX200 SSD:

Thoracic performance of the MX200 SSD

We are therefore, through our tests, only slightly below the manufacturer's theoretical data for reading, but slightly above in writing with the Atto test and, on this same point, slightly below with the other tests.

Anyway, it's excellent performance that ranks this Crucial MX200 among the fastest SSDs we've tested!

Our opinion on Crucial's MX200 SSD

In addition to providing a speed without comparison compared to a mechanical hard drive, an SSD contributes to the reduction of the power consumption and noise pollution of a fixed or portable PC, the technology employed is so completely silent. This MX200 SSD of 500 GB from Crucial is clearly a success, both in its ultralight design and in the features and performance it offers.

Back of the Crucial SSD box

Back of the Crucial SSD box

Indeed, the latter are particularly appreciable, bringing this SSD to the rank of the fastest disks that we have tested, and for a very interesting price since we currently find it 224.39 including VAT on the manufacturer's site, or just under 0 , 45 / GB, with a capacity of 500 GB pleasant to use, as well on fixed PC as on laptop. The MX200 also exists in a very comfortable capacity of 1TB at the price of 491.99 TTC and more modestly in 250GB for 122, 39 tax incl.

Recall that this SSD is supplied with surcrot with a license for the Acronis True Image HD software in order to be able to produce a disk image with a view to replacing an existing disk. It is a considerable asset.

Let us also remember that Crucial follows its products particularly well by regularly improving its firmware. This is a guarantee of performance maintained at its maximum.

At the rank of negative points, at most we could regret that no adapter caddy in format 35 is provided to fix the disc in a tower case, or that the hardware is absent But you will understand, this is ultimately only anecdotal as we are enchanted by this SSD. Obviously, we recommend it without hesitation to buy for its performance / capacity / price ratio.

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Strong points
  • performance and speed
  • absolute silence of use (necessarily)
  • the weight
  • the software for duplicating the disc
  • the price
Weak points
  • the 3 year warranty while some competitors are on 5 years
  • no screws or caddy to adapt to the 3''5 format