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Test: Nintendo New 3DS

Just over four years after the release of 3DS in Europe, Nintendo is renewing its portable console by offering the New 3DS. This game console, 3rd generation of the 3DS, is much more than a new version simply improving the ergonomics of the device. Let's discover together the new features of the New 3DS through this test

New 3DS: a new portable console

Unlike the release of the 3DS XL, which was simply a variation of the version of the classic 3DS with more comfortable dimensions, but identical hardware, theNew 3DSchanges the game since the power of the machine is revised upwards (around 30%). Thus, the loading times of the games as well as the navigation in the menus or even in the Shop, are seen accelerated. In addition to this hardware acceleration, the console offers a more advanced ergonomics, with in particular the addition of a second stick (the famousanalog stick C) which brilliantly replaces the bulky accessory quest leCircle Pad Pro. But the novelties in terms of controls do not stop there: this New 3DS also sees the appearance of two rear triggers soberly answering the names ofZLandZR.

Finally, we will notebetter quality notches, compatibilityNFC(for figurinesamiibo), amore autonomyand above all, aImproved 3Dwhich can probably reconcile many angry players with this technology.

Forward for the discovery of the New 3DS!

New 3DS: a brief overview of new products

The New 3DS, released in late 2014 in Japan and Australia, was long overdue on the old continent. It is therefore with undisguised impatience that we discover the portable console from Nintendo. For the curious or unpacking enthusiasts, you can find the New 3DS boxing on our YouTube channel.

A more pleasant handling

Once the New 3DS in hand, the first impression is to have a better finished console. The glossy plastic covered with fingerprints now leaves a matte coating much more pleasant to the touch.

New 3DS closes

New 3DS closes

New, purer lines give this new console a less cubic appearance.

New 3 quart 3DS

New 3 quart 3DS

The whole, of slightly larger dimensions than the 3DS, seems more robust and inspires confidence. On the back of the console, on each side of the L and R triggers are two new, smaller triggers, ZL and ZR. Their positioning falls perfectly well under the two index fingers of the player once the console in hand.

New 3DS

Finally, after opening the console, the first surprise comes first from the control buttons A, B, X and Y which are now colored. No doubt a nostalgic side of the Super NintendoNew 3DS open

New 3DS open

An effective analog stick C

Above the control buttons is the famous new analog stick. Above, there is a slight curvature at the hinge of the New 3DS. The player's thumb, placed on the stick, will then come up against this small space, for more comfort. The second surprise undoubtedly comes from the stick itself: while we could expect to have a second control stick similar to the one on the left (or even the right stick proposed by theCircle Pad Pro), Nintendo has opted for a smaller control, like atrackpointfound in the keyboard of some laptops. From the first try, we are surprised by the fact that it does not seem to move: no stick stroke is present! But after testing a game that supports it (Monster Hunter 4 UltimateorThe Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask), we are quickly reassured: the control is sensitive and very easy. It is an undeniable plus to control camera movements. The question that arises then is But how were we doing before?. In short, a success!

A more powerful New 3DS

If as usual, Nintendo does not communicate on the hardware that equips its console, the New 3DS is boosted: the dual core Soc seems to be replaced by a quad core version with 6 MB of RAM, all accompanied by 256 MB of FCRAM (compared to 128 MB previously). If we can easily imagine that thehead trackingof the console requires more power, we instantly feel this increase in performance in navigation or the launch of games which is seen faster. If the overall performance is still not mind-blowing (we are far from the level of PS Vita), this gain is more than welcome and suggests that specific titles will be more successful at the technical level (when these are available).

On the screen, there is also a nice improvement in quality: sharper, brighter (with the presence of an ambient light sensor to adjust the lighting of the notches accordingly) and better contrasts. The lower screen is also widened by about 15%. Under the latter is also hidden an NFC sensor. The amiibo poss on the lower screen will then be detected. Small bmol, the photo sensors that allow 3D captures are still 0.3 Mgapixel Too bad Nintendo is not improving things on this side

Some habit changes

Finally, there are a few small novelties that will require habitual changes in use. First, the game cartridges no longer fit behind the console, but on the front edge. The buttonpower, also on the front edge, is more difficult to operate: a strong press is necessary to activate it. The good side is that it will not be possible to activate it by mistake during a game. Buttonsstartandselectare much nicer, just like the buttonhomewhich took place under the lower screen. The volume and 3D sliders now have a low screen that allows you to completely turn off sound or 3D. Simple and efficient !

Comparison of 3DS with New 3DS

Comparison of 3DS with New 3DS

The SD card now leaves a 4 GB micro SD. Its location under the console will require removing two screws.

Micro SD slot of the New 3DS

Micro SD slot of the New 3DS

Finally, one last small point before addressing the new 3D features: the stylus, accessible on the front edge, is no longer retractable. If it remains comfortable, we would have preferred to be able to enlarge it a little

Extra stable 3D thanks to head-tracking

If 3DS had innovated by offering a portable console offering 3D without glasses, it must be noted that it was not free from defects. The depth and spurt effects, as impressive as they were, were quickly lost when the player moved the console. Keeping a perfect 3D during an endable game then becoming an impossible mission Many 3DS players have quite simply abandoned the idea of ??playing in 3D.

So Nintendo has reviewed its copy and the New 3DS offers a new 3D calledExtra stable 3D. Concretely, the console detects the position of the player's face through its front camera and adapts the 3D to the player in real time.

New 3DS head-tracking

This head-tracking system (face detection) therefore makes it possible to adapt the 3D to the player, whatever their viewing angle relative to the screen. And worked! What a pleasure to (re) discover games exploiting talented 3D with the New 3DS. Being able to make head movements while continuing to play in good conditions is a real pleasure!

Note however that during rapid movements, it is possible to lose 3D a few tenths of a second, while 3DS adapts the 3D view. Ditto when the light conditions are less good. But overall, the extra stable 3D introduced by the New 3DS is a success!

Finally, note also the presence of a sensor (probably infrared) located right next to the camera:

New 3DS infrared sensor

New 3DS infrared sensor next to the camera

And surprisingly, the latter allows head-tracking technology to work even in complete darkness!

Customize the New 3DS with Cover Plates

As we saw during unpacking, the New 3DS is delivered with the front cover separately. A simple clip makes it possible to put it in place, the change of the rear face requiring the change of two small screws. This simplicity of setting upinterchangeable shellswill certainly attract many New 3DS users to customize their console by buyingCover Platessold by Nintendo. The existing models are numerous and everyone can find their foot there, according to their personal tastes.

Cover Plates for New 3DS

Cover Plates for New 3DS

Note that the Cover Plates are only available for the New 3DS, The New 3DS XL cannot be personalized.

Thus, the customization of the 3DS is done in just a few seconds, as we show you on the video below:

The result in photo:Cover Plates Monster Hunter New 3DS

Cover Plates Monster Hunter New 3DS

The Cover Plates presents here, the modelMonster Hunter 4 Ultimate, is perfect for the white version of the New 3DS.

After going through the various new features of the BigN console, it is now time to conclude

Our opinion on the New 3DS

At the end of thisdiscovery of the New 3DS, we can say that this new version of 3DS is more than attractive. It is not simply a nth version of 3DS but a new full-fledged console, embedding new hardware. Of course, the new additions do not create a complete break with the old model, but simply bring a nice evolution more than welcome.

Whether in terms of design, finish, NFC support, handling and new controls like the analog stick C or the two additional triggers, the New 3DS is the most advanced portable console offered by Nintendo .

The extra stable 3D is a more than appreciable novelty, which will undoubtedly be able to reconcile a good number of players who had put this functionality aside.

If no exclusive title is currently available, this should quickly change. Xenoblade Chronicles, the first title, which will only work on New 3DS, is also expected for April 2, 2015. We bet that others will follow very quickly. And without even talking about exclusivity, the next 3DS titles will certainly benefit from the new stick, for more playing comfort on this new model.

If you already have a 3DS, the purchase of a New 3DS is not essential in the immediate future, especially since no exclusivity is currently available (but this situation will quickly change, as we say above). If on the contrary, you do not yet have 3DS and the Nintendo portable console attracts you, it would be inconceivable not to offer you a New 3DS, as the old version seems obsolete in front of the shiny new version!

Review New 3DS

WE love We regret
the gain of power the Cla analog stick taken in hand the finish the 3D extra stable the quality of the notches still no charger provided! little improvements in terms of autonomy changing the micro SD requires a screwdriver