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SteelSeries Siberia V3 Prism helmet review

We had great pleasure testing the SteelSeries FLUX multiplatform helmet a little over 2 years ago, which we appreciated for its listening quality. Today, we come back to the brand to present our test of the SIBERIA V3 PRISM helmet for Gamer.

Headphones for gamers

In our previous test, the SteelSeries FLUX helmet delighted us. Now let's see what we have in store for this model. These headphones are presented by its manufacturer as providing rich sound, unequal comfort, and lighting effects to choose from 16.8 million colors. It also has the particularity of being equipped with a USB socket instead of the traditional 3.5mm jack, thus guaranteeing its power supply for light effects.

Let?s examine without further ado if the displayed objectives are well fulfilled.

Features of the Siberia V3 Prism

The SteelSeries Siberia V3 Prism is delivered in a predominantly almost gray and orange cardboard box.

Siberia helmet packaging

Siberia helmet packaging

On the front and on the sides, the manufacturer highlights different colors that it is possible to obtain for the tailors, and on the rear, the strengths of the helmet are detailed in English, French and German.

We then learn in this description that the helmet is equipped with light and self-adjusting poles thanks to the famous suspension system which makes the renown of Siberia helmets.

The description goes on to indicate that the sound is natural with powerful bass, and the ear cups are studied to eliminate the external parasitic sound, in particular by the fact that they are made of memory foam in order to best fit your anatomy.

Headset microphone

Micro retract and microphone out

The microphone is flexible and retractable in the left atrium. It has a breath reduction system and offers a clear voice. A small switch on the left atrium allows to put it in modeMuteto mute the sound.

The length of the connection cable is indicated 1.2m on the box, 1.5m on the website and we wash about 1.57m. Its USB2 connection allows you to connect it to any computer, while ensuring the energy necessary to illuminate the earbuds.

Gamer headset specifications

Gamer headset specifications

Finally, the frequency range supports stend for headphones of 10 28,000 Hz from the packaging and 20,200,000 Hz from the website, while for the microphone it ranges from 50-16000Hz (either on the packaging or on the website) with a sensitivity of -42dB -38dB (depending on box version or website). Anyway, the covered range announced in all cases seems satisfactory, both for the microphone and for the headsets.

The contents of the box are reduced to the strict minimum.

Contents of the Siberia V3 Prism box

Contents of the Siberia V3 Prism box

There is the helmet and a quick operating manual packed in a small black case. The helmet control software and in particular its lighting effects can be downloaded from the SteelSeries website. Fortunately, this software is easy to find on the manufacturer's site, who preferred to do without a superfluous installation CD.

Note that it is compatible with PCs running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (32/64 bit), and MacOS 10.7.5+, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, as well as with PlayStation 4.

Listening quality of the Steelseries V3 Prism

To determine the listening quality of a headset, we cannot rely on the only digital characteristics supplied by the manufacturer, even if these nevertheless constitute an important parameter in the selection of an audio device. Nothing can replace listening and the sensation obtained by the rendering of the headphones when placed on the ears. This feeling is obviously to a large extent very personal, especially since it can be indirectly influenced by the comfort of the helmet once placed on its head.

Steelseries helmet

Steelseries helmet

Also, the remarks that we describe to you below come from a consensus of three people who carried out this listening in the context of video games type action FPS and RPG, social simulation and strategy, but also in the context of listening to Pop / Rock music on a PC, and the opportunity to watch action movies on a computer.

The micro tests were also carried out with Skype software, in addition to the exchanges during network games.

Listening, it appears that the bass and treble seem perfectly restored and the immersion was total for all. The attenuation of external noise, even when nothing is emitted by the headphones, is already impressive, even if the cut is not complete. The explosions are perfectly reproduced and the bass is effectively powerful, the voices clear, and the sound details perfectly audible, including understood the finest.

The earpieces have a diameter of 50mm, sufficient to wrap the whole ear without compressing it against the skull. Thus, even after several hours of wearing this helmet, none of the three testers has shown a feeling of warmth in the ears that can be felt with certain models. The memory foam shape is very comfortable and the cover very pleasant. The weight remains modest with 274g on our scale, the manufacturer giving no indication on its site.

The three of us concluded that this helmet gives complete satisfaction for the use for which it is intended and is easily forgotten on the head.

Headset customization

Even if this headset is automatically recognized on a PC under Windows 7 for example, without the need for additional drivers, it is recommended to install the SteelSeries software to access the customization of the listening and the light aesthetic.

Siberia v3 prism software

Cost and microphone setting

In addition to certain predefined audio profiles and a 5-band equalizer to adjust the bass, mid and treble for listening, but also the sound level of the microphone, the most interesting part is the customization of the headphone illuminations.

Fixed illumination

Fixed illumination

Variable illumination

Variable illumination

The software offers two adjustment modes: either a fixed illumination of the color of your choice in a palette of 16.8 million colors, or a variable illumination calledColorshiftaccording to 4 predefined variations.

It was not possible for us to define new variations in the ColorShift part, which is particularly frustrating Bad handling on our part or functionality not yet available, the documentation is not very vocal on this point. One thing is certain for us, this point needs to be improved, because it is indeed an essential customization for a helmet having this technology.

For fixed illumination, the last 9 colors are memorized, thus making it possible to return to a color already selected beforehand. It is a good thing to avoid having to constantly search or write down the color codes.

The different colors of the designers

The different colors of the designers

In both modes, it also does not seem possible to modify the light intensity other than by choosing a more or less bright color at the origin. It would have been wise, in our opinion, to draw even more inspiration from the settings found in the interfaces of advanced image editing software.

But let's not sulk our pleasure, because all the same is essential: we have the bright ears in the color of our choice, with excellent listening quality The rest is in detail to reach perfection! It will be for a next version of the helmet or the software that comes with it. We could even imagine the existence of a mode that would clarify the cost according to the intensity of the action (explosion or calm period)

Anyway, this luminous gadget aspect is nevertheless something extremely attractive for this helmet and which makes it very nice.

Our opinion on Steelseries Siberia V3 prism helmet

The SteelSeries Siberia V3 Prism excited us by its listening quality and that of its microphone, but above all by its comfort and its fun side of luminous personalization of the earpieces. It gave us complete satisfaction in all listening conditions where we have valued, with a sound immersing us in the action with clear music and voices, with deep bass, and very dynamic treble and mids and isolating us perfectly from external noise.

Its realization and finish are impeccable. Its design inspires confidence and the materials used are pleasant and comfortable.

v3 prism gaming headset

v3 prism gaming headset

The software part gives us a feeling of completion for the part of the light management of the atria, while the sound part is satisfactory. This capacity of illumination of the atria seems to us insufficiently exploited by the supplied software, while the physical characteristics seem to be able to respond thanks to the 16 million colors that the helmet is able to display. A player buying this type of helmet, which is highly customizable, necessarily has the desire to do so freely, which is not completely the case. As this is only a priori software evolution, we bet that SteelSeries will be keen to fill this gap!

Finally, as it is a Gamer's helmet, we could expect to have a small carrying bag suitable for going to Game Party evenings with friends for example

Sold at the public price of 140, it can be found on certain merchant sites for around 110 euros, which makes it more affordable. SteelSeries therefore offers us a quality product, very pleasant and comfortable, with very good sound performance, listening and at the microphone, which is its primary mission and that is why we recommend it for purchase, hoping that the light part will experience software changes. to fill what left us hungry

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Strong points
  • aesthetics and finish
  • very satisfactory listening quality
  • comfort on the head
  • the appeal of the light configuration
Weak points
  • variable color mode which is not sufficiently customizable
  • light intensity not easily changeable
  • no carrying bag or case
  • a price in the high range, even if the helmet is of high quality