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Samsung's lowest-selling flagship since S3 in 2012

Samsung must now resolve it: the Galaxy S9 is a commercial failure for the brand. Counterpoint analyst Lee Seung-Woo says "We expect the S9 to reach the lowest sales figure of a Samsung flagship since the S3 with only 30 million units sold this year."

This failure therefore remains relative for the brand, but significant enough to have an impact on the group's figures. It is estimated that Samsung's gross operating surplus will be 11.8 billion euros in the second quarter, against 12.2 billion in the first quarter.

The S9 is not alone in having this responsibility: the television sector is also not at best currently at Samsung which is also recording a decrease in sales. Within the group, it is the sale of semiconductors that is showing an increase, taking advantage of the soaring prices of DRAM.

With its S10, Samsung will have to play on several levers to return to success: more innovations and a more reasonable selling price. Not sure that the brand has the will to combine the two for the moment however.

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