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remember last winter video games

Through Until Dawn, the studio Supermassive Games gives us a scary game with a neat realization that will startle more than one player on PS4. Without wanting to, Sony could not dream of a more beautiful tribute to the master Wes Craven as the spirit of the game is inspired by the slashers of the 90s. Zoom on a title of type survival-horror which will not leave you indifferent

A plot that is cold in the back

Difficult to talk about the story of Until Dawn withoutspoilerthe player. Nevertheless, without going into the details and countless possible twists and turns of the plot, let's install the decor. In the middle of winter, eight young friends find themselves in a chalet, hunted down by a mysterious psychopathic killer, and will have to survive until dawn.

Emily - Until Dawn

Emily Until Dawn

In this closed-door, the player will play the role of each character and will have to make them survive by making the right decisions. Until Dawn is not confined to a main role since all of our young protagonists will be playable. So, you will play Sam (Hayden Panettiere, the pretty cheerleader of the seriesHeroes), Mike (Brett Dalton, seen inSHIELD Agents), Josh, Jessica, Matt, Emily, Chris and Ashle. Each character has his own character and his affinities with the other protagonists.

The couples in Until Dawn

The couples in Until Dawn

The butterfly effect: heavy choices of consequences

The strong point of the game is undoubtedly the variety of the proposed choices and their consequences on the continuation of the adventure. Aside from the prologue to the game, which is written in advance, the outcome of Until Dawn is yours. Thus, each of your decisions will have a major impact on the rest of the adventure, ranging from the follow-up until the death of each of the characters.

Mike - Until Dawn

Mike Until Dawn

The multiple possibilities of the title are delicious and sometimes play with your nerves (the logic or the wisdom of a decision is sometimes not the best possible choice!).

In order to help the player in making his decisions, you will find totems which, through a flash, will guide you on potential events to come or in search of objects.

Love has its place in Until Dawn ...

Lamour has its place in Until Dawn

If the game, initially intended for the PS3, is not free from defect (displacements of the characters a little heavy, certain textures lacking in finesse, VF not necessarily the height of the VO), the modeling and the expressions of the faces are impressive.

A dismal bridge in Until Dawn

A dismal bridge in Until Dawn

As for gameplay, the player is faced with a real interactive film in which sequences of exploration and QTE are well-dose. We will nonetheless regret the lack of puzzles that would have been more than welcome.

Our opinion on Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a great discovery. The variety of possible outcomes gives the title enormous replay potential. At the end of the dozen hours necessary to come to the end of Until Dawn, you will necessarily want to start the adventure again by choosing different choices. In short, a stressful, scary and scary game that will make you live a real nightmare … for your greatest happiness!