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RED launches its 30 GB for 5 life offer

'' As part of a lifetime warranty, it does not extend for the duration of your life but throughout the life of the product. There is therefore very little chance that you will keep for life this same pen fiche bought a few years ago on the basis of this commercial argument. On the other hand, you will normally be able to make use of this acquired knowledge for the majority of the dysfunctions observed.

When does the warranty not work? With a lifetime warranty, the same type of clauses as for a product with a limited warranty apply. Thus, normal wear and tear due to time is not generally taken into account, nor damage caused by improper use or a fall. In addition, in most cases, no recourse is possible once this product is no longer produced by the company that markets it. On the other hand, if a material or manufacturing defect should occur during the life of the product, it could be replaced or repaired on request.

A marketing argument: in reality, are manufacturers drowning in product returns guaranteed for life? "In most cases, users do not bother to return the products and prefer to buy new ones," acknowledges the marketing manager of an office supplies brand, offering a 5-year warranty on certain sound references. catalog. In question? Sometimes dissuasive procedures with regard to the value of the objects concerned (need to return the products by post accompanied by proof of purchase). On the other hand, for certain items, such as computer products, the market is changing so fast that users often choose to buy the latest fashionable gadget rather than operate the warranty. "