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Razer offers mechanical switches to third-party manufacturers

Razer blackwidow chroma V2

It's been a few years since the Razer brand has developed its own mechanical switches for keyboards, and now the brand has enough confidence in its technology to offer it to third-party manufacturers.

Razer does not wish to limit the use of its mechanical switches to its own keyboards. The brand has announced that it will make its modules available to third-party manufacturers who wish to do so.

Until now, we mostly knew Cherry for mechanical switches, now we will have to deal with those equipped with switches offered by Razer. The brand offers several versions with different sensitivities: Green, Orange and Yellow.

In addition, Razer remains fairly discreet about the performance and technology of its switches, and no partner name has yet been announced. We know, however, that the switches will also be sold alone and at retail, which should allow everyone to carry out some fairly interesting projects.