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Phishing alert Health Insurance … again

Again and again? Phishing attempts taking over the aspect of Health Insurance are back again. These famous messages claim that you have a few days to receive a refund, the so-called amount is specified.

For years, such a scam aimed at recovering personal data via a booby-trapped site, or even a bank card number, has come up again and again. Complaints filed on several occasions do not seem to have a dissuasive effect.

For the umpteenth time, the Health Insurance brings out today its advice to identify a suspicious email:

At the beginning of the week, it was the government platform Cybermalveillance which had raised the alarm by evoking an increase in this type of phishing:

For potential victims, it is recommended to file a complaint without delay and to report suspicious messages such as for example through Signal Spam or Phishing Initiative.

With the start of the Football World Cup, also calls for vigilance:

Beyond phishing, a major event like the Football World Cup is traditionally conducive to a whole bunch of scam attempts.