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new games available in preview

Electronic Arts took advantage of its conference to lift the veil on Origin Access Premier, which will be deployed this summer. The service will offer PC players to take advantage of the publisher's new titles 5 days before their official release.

The service will be offered on the basis of a subscription billed at ? 14.99 per month or ? 99.99 per year and will allow players to access the entire catalog of Electronic Arts games as long as they are subscribed. . The good news is that all games coming out soon will be automatically accessible 5 days in advance.

Electronic Arts is thus modeled on Microsoft and its Xbox One Game Pass which offers all the titles of the publisher and partner studios directly on the platform.

EA specifies that the games will also be accompanied by all their DLCs, and players could quickly find their way … With a game billed ? 60 on average, and overall between 120 and 150 euros with all its DLCs, the investment in the rental platform quickly proved to be profitable.

Access to Origin Access Premium also includes access to Origin Access which includes more than 100 multi-publisher titles. Note that the service will directly integrate the next Battlefield V, Madden 19, Anthem or FIFA 19.