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income continues to fall

HTC has just published its financial results and the brand continues to sink. The acquisition of the mobile division of the group by Google last year is not enough to make the mark and will have limited breakage for a given time.

For the month of May, HTC generated NT $ 2.45 billion, or around 70 million euros, while over the same period last year, the group generated NT $ 4.53 billion, or 130 million euros. 'euros, a 46% drop in revenue.

HTC's total revenue for the first quarter of 2018 amounted to NT $ 13.33 billion (380 million euros) compared to NT $ 23.77 billion last year (678 million euros). Despite everything, the month of May posted a growth of 16% compared to the month of April, which suggests a slight growth which will have to be confirmed in the following months.

Now HTC is betting on its U12 Plus to convince users. Unfortunately the terminal remains difficult to access with its price of ? 799 and HTC is struggling to seduce users on the entry or mid-range …