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in mind in terms of reliability

Apple Published: November 25, 2012Updated: November 25, 2012by Pierre

A recent Consumer Reports survey claims that Apple products still dominate its PC competitors in terms of reliability. In this consumer satisfaction survey, Apple obtains a score of 78%. We then find Dell and Lenovo who are tied with 59% of satisfied customers, and finally the other manufacturers (Acer, Asus, HP, Gateway and Toshiba) who rotate between 56% to 54%.

apple1 300x225 - Apple: at the top in terms of reliability

Regarding the reliability of desktop computers, the repair rate of iMacs is 7%, while it is 10% for HP, 11% for Dell and below 13% for other brands. As for laptops, Apple displays with its Macbook a repair rate of 8%, followed by Dell with 12%.

Technical support is generally among the lowest rated services in all of the surveys conducted by Consumer Reports. But that doesn't apply to Apple, which has beaten all PC manufacturers. Indeed, Apple has solved three quarters of the problems of users compared to 61% for Dell, its closest competitor.

However, it should be noted that this survey does not distinguish between hardware and software problems, but it can still be concluded that the products offered by Apple generally offer good reliability.