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FreeSync in QLED TVs

This year's Samsung QLED TVs have just received an update that notably activates their FreeSync functionality. Good news for players since traditionally this feature is reserved for PC screens, and again, for certain models specifically geared towards the game.


The update in question, stamped 1103.5, is accessible from the Samsung site, it weighs 1.3 GB and can be downloaded directly from TVs connected to the Internet.

FreeSync technology is equivalent to that of Nvidia called G-Sync. This is to synchronize the refresh rate of images from the TV with the number of images per second sent by the console. Clearly, we take advantage of a dynamic frequency that varies depending on what the console sends, with the key a response time reduced to nil, but especially the disappearance of certain phenomena such as "tearing" (horizontal tearing of image) or "stuttering".

This technology thus makes it possible to obtain a more fluid gaming experience with the most demanding games, provided that the titles are compatible since the games must exploit V-Sync. Note also that the Freesync is currently only compatible with Xbox One S and Xbox One X.