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Captain Toad Treasure Trackers on Wii U

If Toad was always a simple secondary character, this cruel injustice is now repaired since our fun video mushroom has an adventure just for him on Wii U! This endearing character, who has always accompanied his faithful sidekick Mario from near or far, will therefore go through a succession of levels through a complete game. Captain Toad: Is Treasure Trackers a success?

A simple concept accessible to all

If Toad, simple appearing moreover, had all the same made some furtive appearances in various Nintendo games, we especially remember his presence in levels dedicated toSuper Mario 3D World. Exploiting this concept again, Captain Toad therefore offers a series of mini courses in which Toad (or sometimes Toadette) will have to collect a canvas, three diamonds and a maximum of spices.

A 3D level of Captain Toad Treasure Trackers

Once the star is obtained, the player then unlocks access to the next level. However, to get the maximum score, you must have collected all 3 diamonds hidden (or not) in the level. We also appreciate the additional challenge which is only revealed at the end of the level (pick up X pieces, do not make reps, eliminate all enemies). A good way for fans ofscoringrepeat the levels until you get the maximum score!

Captain Toad Treasure Trackers screen

Let's face it right away, our mushroom, as cute as it is, is a little bit crazy: it is simply able to move (or run at a slow pace), without being able to jump or attack. To eliminate an enemy, it will then be necessary to drop on him if the opportunity arises, or to throw him a big turnip that the player will have landed in the level by shooting a plant. Finally, by switching switches, turning cranks, moving blocks using the gamepad or blowing into the built-in microphone, Toad can activate various mechanisms that will allow him to progress.

Toadette in Captain Toad Treasure Trackers

A platform-like puzzle game

If Captain Toad Treasure Trackers looks like a simple little platform game at first glance, the thinking is always in the foreground. The game is therefore a well-balanced mixture between platforms and reflection. You will have to get a good timing in certain phases of the game and avoid being hit twice by an enemy, otherwise you will lose a life. From the first touch, our Toad will become small and only a red mushroom will return you to your normal size, otherwise the second touch will be fatal.

Slide in Captain Toad

In order to view the levels from all possible angles, the gamepad sticks allow you to spin the level as you wish to help you find the way to reach the star. Note in passing that the camera is very well managed and that, despite the complexity of certain levels, we never really lose sight of our character, even if it is hidden by a decorative element, since it will nevertheless remain visible by a shadow. With a minimum of training, we find our hero very easily through the 3D level.

A dragon as boss!

The title offers graphic universes and game mechanisms sufficiently varied to not tire the player. Some levels sometimes offer different gameplay, such as certain passages in a wagon which will be played directly on the gamepad screen. Finally, special mention for the achievement which aims to be extremely neat. However, no muti or coop is present. So it will be solo and nothing else! But with hisCaptain Toad, Nintendo offers a game which, if it is not aimed at hard-core gamers, will certainly delight the youngest, families and others!

Captain Toad Treasure Trackers Review

If the lifespan of Captain Toad Treasure Trackers is unfortunately not standard, Nintendo has placed all its know-how in order to concoct a series of levels intelligently designed and providing immediate pleasure, pushing the player through the reflection phase, without ever go through the check box. The technical achievement, which could be described as cute full, is perfectly mastered and the game even offers bosses of fine and sometimes even endearing success. If gamers in need of frags will undoubtedly go their way, the others will be delighted to discover an engaging, intelligent game, with a realization with little onions! If opinions on this game are sometimes divergent, Captain Toad Treasure Trackers remains for us a title that has seduced us by bringing a breath of fresh air that is rare to find in the world of video games.