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bug made messages public to millions of users

After the Cambridge Analytica affair and its revelations, then the confirmation that smartphone manufacturers have in the past been authorized to have access to user data (a priori only with their agreement), Facebook makes us the bug fix.

" We recently found a bug that automatically suggested posting publicly when people created their posts on Facebook. " This error with audience selector took place while Facebook was working on a new way to share elements of a profile, such as photos.

When posting on Facebook, the audience selector is this tool with drop-down menu that allows you to specify its visibility with parameters Public, Friends, Friends except …, Specific friends, Me only.

For new messages, the audience selector retains the settings previously used. This is where the bug occurred, with the default suggestion of the Public parameter, regardless of the previous configuration.

The problem has affected 14 million users between May 18 and May 27. Facebook was able to fix the bug on May 22, but it took five more days to restore the proper settings. Facebook will notify affected users by means of a notification.

Facebook-notification-examine-posts" As a precaution, we inform those concerned and ask them to examine the Facebook messages they have posted during this period. "Facebook points out that the bug did not affect what was published before the mentioned period.

For the umpteenth time, Facebook must apologize but highlights … its effort to be transparent.