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It was in August 2013 that we tested for the first time an ASUSTOR, this newcomer to this highly disputed NAS market, with the AS604T model which had already convinced us, both by the seriousness of its design and by the services offered. This model is also still in the manufacturer's catalog and benefits from the new current ADM system. Today we will focus on the 4-bay AS7004T model.

A high-end 4-bay NAS

Before starting, you can consult the file that we had produced with the first version of ADM.

Eighteen months later, we return to this brandASUSTORwith a new model baptizedAS7004T, located in the high end of the catalog, in order to observe the new achievements of this manufacturer.

This model that we are going to present to you is new a4-bay NAS, the aesthetics and dimensions almost identical to those of the AS604T as we will see, with in particular an LCD display of the different states of the device, very practical. But ASUSTOR places this model firmly on the professional and user segment desiring a high-end multimedia experience.



Indeed, the AS7004T benefits on paper from more than convincing characteristics to achieve this displayed objective: dual-core Intel Core-i3 processor 3.5GHz, 2GB of RAM, HDMI multimedia output supporting video in 4K and 1080p, as well as HD multi-channel sound, SATA II / III disk controller, USB2 and USB3 ports, eSATA ports, Gigabit Ethernet ports, etc. The operating system, called ADM, is not to be outdone with support for all Windows / Mac / Linux environments, VMware Ready and Citrix Ready certifications, integration into Windows AD infrastructures and SMB 2.0 support. ADM has also been enriched since our last test in a new version which seems to have gained further clarity.

We will see if the electric consumption which had owed us a little during our last file, and which is announced for this model 39,1W maximum in operation, is now well under control. Let's discover without further delay this NAS which potentially can offer up to 24 TB of data with current hard drives, and in particular with the brand new HGST Deskstar NAS hard drive of 6 TB that we bought and whose characteristics are just as impressive as those from AS7004T.

Unpacking the AS7004T

Unlike the packaging of the AS604T, the AS7004T model benefits from a thick cardboard box predominantly white and mauve, with many descriptive indications on its content.

AS7004T carton

AS7004T carton

This packaging is now common for several 4-bay models, because a blue facade sticker specifies which model is contained.

Fortunately, the cardboard is particularly robust, because the journey to reach us seems to have been convincing, despite the presence of a retractable handle which facilitates the transport of the packaged device. But as we will see when opening it, ASUSTOR protects the contained material well.

Additional self-adhesive exterior labels summarize the main technical characteristics as well as various serial numbers and barcodes, but also a 3-year warranty for the device. Some pictograms describe the various functions provided by the NAS, existing mobile applications and of course the relative fragility of the content.

Once opened, these are solid blocks of rigid foam that protect the device, taking care to keep it away from direct contact with the outer carton, helped by the accessory carton.

It is a good idea considering the impacts received by the outer carton during transport.

The NAS itself is wrapped in a thick plastic envelope. Very careful attention is therefore paid by ASUSTOR to the protection of its equipment.

AS7004T accessories

LAS7004T and accessories supplied

The detailed content of the box consists of:

  • the NAS equipped with its 4 largely metallic drawers
  • 1 installation CD
  • 2 black network cables of category 5E coiled, and where the connection is not shielded
  • a single cord for electrical connection, since the power supply is incorporated in the NAS itself
  • two bags of hardware for 35 hard drives and 25 drives

It is therefore a standard content where you find everything you need, without more. Optionally, it is possible to add the device a remote control for multimedia. As we will see later, even if it is not mandatory, we would have appreciated that it is included given the possibilities of the device that we will discover.

Features of ASUSTOR AS7004T

LASUSTOR AS7004T is a case with dimensions and appearance identical to that of the AS604T. Thus, it is the same brushed aluminum with a very attractive dark brown tint which constitutes its external structure, always with a front in black ABS and an LCD screen illuminated white / gray.

Photo AS7004T

Photo AS7004T

A difference is at the level of the drawers which are equipped with a locking system that did not have those of the AS604T.

ASUSTOR NAS drawer comparison

ASUSTOR NAS drawer comparison

With this device, it is possible to prevent the accidental extraction of one of the drawers by an inadvertent pressure on the device allowing it to be released. It is therefore not an anti-theft device, but rather an additional security for applications requiring frequent swapping of hard disks like the original MyArchive functionality from ASUSTOR which we will test later in this file. ASUSTOR has not provided any tools or special key for activate the drawer lock: a small flat head screwdriver allows you to turn the extraction blocking system. Simple and efficient! These drawers can accommodate discs in both 2.5 and 3.5 format. The handle, partly metallic, covered by a very rigid thick plastic with a bird wing profile, is mounted on a closed spring which inspires a great feeling of solidity.

HDD drawer handle

AS7004T drawer wing wing handle with 6TB HGST Deskstar NAS disk

The rest of the drawer is largely metallic, covered on the sides with a plastic part favoring the insertion of the drawers in their housing in the appliance.

The power supply is included in the case, which very advantageously reduces the footprint. The dimensions of 185.5 (H) x 170 (W) x 230 (D) mm place it in the 4-bay NAS among the least bulky of those we have had in our hands.

The front is very elegant with its display screen with 2 lines of 15 characters each, its 4 control buttons on the right side, and the design of its drawers. The fine width of the colored status indicator LEDs brings a certain sobriety to the device. The whole is very harmonious in appearance.

Up front, there is a USB 3 port with a button for direct copying to the NAS. At the back of the device, we note the presence of 2 additional USB 3.0 ports and two other USB 2.0 ports, but also 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with two status LEDs and support WOL (Wake-on-Lan), 2 e-SATA ports, as well as an HDMI 1.4a output port capable of transferring image as well as sound, but also an S / PDIF port. There is also a tiny RESET button to reset the device and a K port to install a Kensington lock.

Note that the front LEDs, providing information on the state of the network interfaces, do not flash depending on the activity: they light up fixed to indicate whether the cable is connected or not. Only the LEDs mounted on the network sockets themselves blink according to the data transfers. We would have preferred these front LEDs to flash to reflect the activity of the device. But this is only a detail, of course.

The power supply is a Delta Electronics DPS-250AB-44H which delivers 240W and which has its own fan. A large, extremely quiet 12cm fan provides complete ventilation for the AS7004T.

AS7004T cooling air flow

Optimized air flow for cooling ASASOR AS7004T

The very design of the case has been optimized by ASUSTOR to ensure an air flow allowing the cooling of the whole device, without requiring the addition of a fan on the processor. Thus, a space has been preserved between the front of the drawer and the hard drive to promote this circulation of air.

Flu air hard drive

Space between the drawer and the hard drive promoting air circulation

It is powered by a powerful 64-bit dual core Intel Core i3-4330 3.50GHz processor with 4MB of internal cache capable of managing 4 threads, having a floating point calculation unit to speed up calculations in RAID configurations, Intel instructions- VT-x for virtualization, and an Intel HD 4600 graphics processor that supports Intel Quick Sync and Intel Video InTru 3D technologies in particular.

To support it, 2 GB of DDR3 memory in SoDimm format are installed in the device, and the capacity can even be increased to 16 GB by adding memory to the slot reserved for it. Note that this location is very easily accessible once the housing has been removed.

RAM expansion on AS7004T

RAM expansion on the AS7004T

The SATA chipsets that come with it support the latest SATA III standard and are obviously backward compatible with SATA I and SATA II drives. It is also possible to mount solid state drives rather than mechanical ones. The discs can be changed hot if necessary.

With such characteristics, this device is well-cut for high performance and high level of user comfort.

Commissioning of the AS7004T

Most NAS manufacturers now offer several ways to turn on their devices. This is all the more true when, like the ASUSTOR AS7004T, they have an LCD display fitted with control buttons. The procedure for the AS7004T has not changed compared to that which we had already proposed for the test of the AS604T in our previous file dedicated to ASUSTOR (and which we invite you to read again).

In this video that we offer above, we show you the extreme simplicity of the initialization process that ASUSTOR labored for the commissioning of our device out of the box, with simply discs inserted in the drawers. The device then becomes, after a few minutes, fully operational. By means of the installation with the CD-Rom, we again have an installation similar to that which we detailed in the AS604T file.

Installation via Web interface is also a model of simplicity since it is possible to carry out an installation in one click where all the parameters are chosen automatically, or else a personalized configuration where very few elements are finally necessary to make the NAS operational like us you will detail it in the following screenshots.

Note that it is always necessary to register with ASUSTOR with his email if you wish to benefit from all the resources and modules offered by the manufacturer. It is a point that we regret during our test of the AS604T and that we regret again. From our point of view, the full use of the resources of the Central App should not be conditioned on the provision of its email.

On the other hand, we continue to greatly appreciate the display of the IP address on the NAS screen, because we find it unparalleled convenience, especially when the device is configured by DHCP allocation. Thus, without having to use the supplied installation CD-ROM, the user of the AS7004T becomes immediately operational since the operating system called ADM (ASUSTOR Data Master) is preinstalled in the device (probably in a DOM-type component).

Once connected to the administration interface, we are faced with a screen that invites us to discover the functionality of the device.

It should be noted that the new version of the AiMaster application available on Android makes it possible to proceed in a similar manner to the first initialization of the NAS without a computer.

NAS initialization on Android

Just a few steps to initialize an ASUSTOR from Android

ASUSTOR even posts the following video on YouTube to describe its simplicity:

This may sound like a little gimmick, but opens up new perspectives in the interaction between mobile devices and storage devices. Undeniably, ASUSTOR demonstrates a very great mastery to allow its users to be very quickly operational, even when you are a total nophyte!

User management and network services: what's new

With such a processor, two Gigabit network interfaces and the possibility of hosting up to 24 TB of data, the ASUSTOR AS7004T is able to serve as resources for many users.

Since our last file, the ADM of ASUSTOR has been enriched with some new functions on the management of users and the network services it offers.

Thus, alongside essential network services such as NFS, AFP (with TimeMachine support), we find the CIFS / SMB protocol in version SMB 2.0, thereby improving network traffic and the number of competing Windows clients connected and files open simultaneously. Support for Windows ACLs on shared folders is also emerging, giving professionals flexibility in managing user rights. This is an option to activate as needed on the shared folder (s) that can be specifically affected.

Windows ACL

Enabling Windows ACLs on the Public Share Folder

ASUSTOR takes care to remind the user of the implications of activation and of the possible removal of this functionality, which is a wise precaution!

The maximum number of users has been ported 16384 and the number of separate groups 512. The maximum number of simultaneous access is now 2048 and the number of shared folders is 512 at most. These values ??allow us to meet the necessary criteria in the largest professional IT structures.

However, it is not possible to import users in batches, either from a text file or from an LDAP database. The only possibility to obtain accounts in mass is to make it join a Windows Active Directory.

We had noticed, in our previous file, the absence of a TFTP server This lack is now filled, comforting a little more the AS7004T in its posture of NAS for the professional world, and confirming the capacity of the developers of ASUSTOR to improve and respond to the needs of its users.

The implementation of this server is carried out in a few steps by filling in the folder that will serve as the TFTP root, if it authorizes writing in addition to reading, and if the IP address range allows connection to ensure a minimum of security. This security can be supplemented by a timeout used to cut inactive connections.

Security also concerns all Web, FTP, Webdav and Terminal services since they support all encrypted protocols. The MySQL server allows to authorize or inhibit the case of remote access by a simple check box, thus reinforcing this security aspect. Note that the Rsync service supports encrypted transmission through SSH and offers the flexibility of choosing an alternative port for more specific configurations. .

Finally, we note the presence in ADM of a VPN client supporting both the PPtP protocol and OpenVPN.

In order for the ASUSTOR AS7004T to become a VPN server, the corresponding module developed and maintained by ASUSTOR itself must be added from the Central App. Once installed, we find the classic parameters necessary for the configuration of this type of server as well as the possibilities to define accesses, as well by users as by groups of users.

As we can see, the AS7004T has become, through the improvements made by ASUSTOR to its ADM operating system, a NAS adapted to the requirements of many professional networks. ASUSTOR thus shows its development capacity, and therefore its capacity to make use of the AS7004T suitable according to changes in network needs. This is a point to which we are very sensitive.

Storage management: My Archive

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a device whose main function is data storage for centralized sharing for heterogeneous network clients. With its 4 bays, it is a maximum of 4 hard disks in SATA III format that the ASUSTOR AS7004T can carry that we present to you in this file.

Disc or SSD formats in the drawers

Storage on disks 35 and 25

The drawers of the AS7004T accept both 25 and 35 format discs, whether mechanical hard drives or solid state drives.

The different media modes thanks to these 4 disk bays are Single, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10.

In the event that the user does not immediately fill all the bays of his NAS, ASUSTOR has provided various procedures to facilitate the addition of capacities as the need arises, thus it is possible to migrate from a situation of a Simple disk to a configuration. RAID 1, 5, 6, or 10 using disks of the same capacity. The handling can be carried out hot and does not present any difficulty thanks to the assistant who accompanies the procedure. In fact, once the new discs have been added, you just have to select the buttonvolume managementthat we want to evolve and answer the few questions asked by this assistant, including the type of RAID desired.

ASUSTOR has also arranged for its assistant to take care of changing the capacity of the disks used in an existing RAID system, or even migrating the system to a new type of RAID, while increasing the capacity of the disks. Since the wizard is the same, the procedure is not more complicated, but the implementation can take a little longer, since the RAID is naturally resynchronized each time a disk is added to guarantee data security.

But ASUSTOR is more original with its disk management thanks to its MyArchive function. Indeed, it is a way of defining a disk drive as a removable storage archive. Thus, the disc becomes extractable and can be changed hot with another MyArchive disc, then put back in the device without this disturbing the content or the functioning of the NAS. The entire data can be found on the disc that was extracted.


The MyArchive principle of ASUSTOR

It is even then possible to exchange the discs with another ASUSTOR which could be that of a loved one or family in order to easily exchange very large amounts of data.

As a constraint, the 1-bay models can have only one MyArchive disk in the device simultaneously, while the others can have a maximum of 2, and these must be imperatively positioned on the last bays.

MyArchive positioning

MyArchive positioning according to ASUSTOR models

To test the installation of a MyArchive unit on our ASUSTOR AS7004T, we recycled an old 160G HGST disk from a broken computer, in addition to our first storage volume which consists of the excellent HGST Deskstar Nas 6 very high capacity disk. To in Single 6TB mode in this disc! What progress has been made on the capacity and speed of data transfer as we will see later, while the disks have the same speed of rotation!

As the screenshots above show, in a few clicks and minutes later, our additional disc in MyArchive format is available.

An ideal configuration of this ASUSTOR AS7004T to benefit from all of its storage functionalities could be based on 4 HGST Deskstar NAS 6To disks, the first 3 of which would be mounted in RAID5 to ensure data security, and the 4th with the MyArchive function to change directly with his family and loved ones, themselves holders of an ASUSTOR NAS. fully equipped with these HGST Deskstar Nas drives, the AS7004T would be endowed with high-level reliability and speed as we will see during the transfer performance test.

And then if the space came to miss everything and that having 4 bays knew insufficient, ASUSTOR allows the migration of disks in RAID to a new ASUSTOR with more bays.

Migration between different ASUSTOR models

Migration between different ASUSTOR models

You just have to place the discs in the same order in the new model so that it integrates your data and device configuration. This operation, which we could not test, because we do not have our model layout with a higher number of bays, is facilitated by the fact that ASUSTOR uses the same type of drawers on each of its models.

As we can see, ASUSTOR has put in place all the elements to simply meet the immediate and future storage needs of its users. The possibilities offered in terms of storage by this device are multiple.

Note that it is in this storage manager that it is possible to manage the different targets and Lun iSCSI, and this is what we will discover in the next chapter.

Virtualis and iSCSI environment on the AS7004T

As we saw in the previous chapters, the AS7004T has adapted to professional networks both in terms of protocols and storage management. Its storage manager even offers to create iSCSI volumes used in particular in virtualized environments.

LASUSTOR AS7004T is VMware Ready and Citrix Ready certified and despite its low number of bays, it can nevertheless offer no less than 24 TB with the capacities of current disks. If on top of that it is equipped with 4 copies of our excellent HGST Deskstar Nas disc of 6TB 7200 rpm, it then presents a particular interest by the power of its Core-i3 4330 3.5 GHz processor, especially if these discs are mounted in RAID5. But unfortunately, we only had a single copy of the HGST Deskstar Nas of 6TB and we therefore had to implement such a configuration

However, to test the deployment of iSCSI by ASUSTOR, we did some tests, and we found that the simplicity of implementation was there in ADM 2.3.3.R362. Thus, in the iSCSI tab ofStorage manager, just click on the buttoncreatefor an assistant to offer us the choice of creating an iSCSI target with a LUN or simply an iSCSI target or simply a LUN.

Finally, it is possible to temporarily deactivate a LUN or to delete it if necessary. It is also possible to group LUNs under the same target. Likewise, it is possible to change the iSCSI listening port and to inform an iSNS server for centralized management of iSCSI targets. The iSCSI server of the AS7004T therefore offers a certain level of flexibility in its implementation, in particular by giving the possibility of mounting a LUN from an ISO file. Thin provisioning admits a maximum setting of 15TB per LUN and it is possible to create a maximum of 512 LUNs and 256 targets! There is therefore a very large potential for maneuvers!

ISCSI Storage Manager

The iSCSI storage manager

As this device is VMware Ready certified, it was very easily detected by our VMware ESXi server and the implementation does not present any particular difficulty.

The operation therefore takes no more than a few minutes, and the minimum performance of uploading an ISO file obtained on our single HGST Deskstar NAS 6 TB disk and a single network interface is already very good with a sustained bit rate of more than 60MB / s.

ISCSI performance

ISCSI performance on uploading an ISO file on a single interface and a single disk

The resources offered in iSCSI by the AS7004T are therefore of a real professional level. We nevertheless regret that no iSCSI client, as some competitors do, is not included in ADM or available in the App Central, thus making it possible to consolidate in one central point that would be the AS7004T, all the iSCSI resources offered on a large-scale network. But knowing the capabilities of ASUSTOR to evolve its ADM operating system, we can bet that it will be included in a future version. Anyway, the AS7004T in iSCSI holds its place perfectly in a virtual environment.

App Central: a mine of additional applications

The increase in storage capacities and the power of the processors which equip the NAS become such that these transform into real small servers to do everything.

Thus, the image of our smartphones which fulfill an increasing number of services including that which has become almost annexed to telephone (yes), the NAS also allow them to fulfill an increasing number of diverse and varied tasks in addition to hosting data on a network!

ASUSTOR brings together all of these additional applications to the ADM operating system within the moduleApp Central. At the time of writing this file, no less than 171 additional applications are available with a single click for the entire AS70xx range, including our AS7004T.

ASUSTOR Central App

Additional applications available online on the ASUSTOR Central App

To make it easier to find them, ASUSTOR has organized them by categories.

ASUSTOR NAS applications

Classification by categories in the Central App

From multimedia servers, to productivity, e-commerce, data backup, downloading, project management and even e-learning, the range available is vast. If you are looking for a particular application, just type its name in the search field so that it appears if it is available and its installation in one click is then proposed to you. Simple and effective! We obviously find big names such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress for CMS, but also less known as Zimplit. For downloading, in addition to the home software Download Center, we will find Deluge, Transmission, Pyload, SABnbzdplus, etc. In office and productivity, we can choose to use Feng Office CE, OpenERP, SugarCRM and Owncloud, etc. This list is obviously only one short extract The full day list is available on the ASUSTOR website which we invite you to visit.

Note that for each application, the mention is made of the developer and the maintainer thereof, which can be important as for the future thereof. Unlike other manufacturers, we have noticed that ASUSTOR itself maintains a considerable number of the proposed applications. It is a guarantee of sustainability for these applications and on the pluralism of the offer, which therefore constitutes a real plus for our AS7004T. Note however that to benefit from this AppCentral, you must have agreed to register with your email with ASUSTOR, procedure of which we are not fans

Cloud backups

Backing up in the cloud is a subject more than topical to ensure the backup and the permanence of data in the face of unforeseen incidents such as hardware failure, accidental degradation, theft or destruction during a fire for example.

ASUSTOR has provided numerous data backup situations to overcome these possible inconveniences.Backup and restoreprovides for scheduled backups to different media and protocols. For example, it is possible to back up to an external USB media in case of failure of the NAS itself or its disk system. Thanks to the USB front panel button, it is possible to save with a simple press on this button to the USB device of the front panel connector or from this USB support. Several protocols are supported such as Synchronization to or from an Rsync server, to or from a FTP server and of course to or from another Nas ASUSTOR.

Backup by FTP

FTP backup task

The backup and restore manager also natively includes backup to and from the Amazon S3 cloud. But ASUSTOR goes further thanks to certain applications available in its App Central. Indeed, it adds the support of other well-known cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Strato Hidrive.

Cloud backup

Additional applications for Cloud backup

Other applications, perhaps less known, are also available, such as the Ralus client for Backup Exec server, but also the xCloud synchronization service, or Sync for synchronization in BitTorrent files. Two other applications hold our attention, the Wonderbox service which allows you to transform your ASUSTOR Nas into a kind of personal Dropbox, and the system offered by ASUSTOR itself called ASUSTOR WebStorage which offers 5GB of personal space for free. We can regret that it is a little thin and we may wish that the future ASUSTOR increases this capacity. However, this already allows you to access this storage area from a mobile device, but above all to make a backup of the device, which we will resynchronize with the NAS. In the chapter on absent users, there is no Microsoft OneDrive or Hubic backup yet dOVH. But again, let us bet that with the dynamism that ASUSTOR shows to enrich the applications of its NAS, these services will probably appear soon. Anyway, ASUSOR AS7004T is a NAS which offers a high level of data security by all the possibilities of backups it offers.

A media center with Austor Portal and KODI

More and more, NAS are seeing themselves endowed with multimedia functions to the point of becoming, for some, real media centers. LASUSTOR AS7004T does not escape this new rule and as we will see, it seems to excel in this area.

With an HDMI port standard 1.4a, that is to say supporting a maximum video format of 4096x2160p30 (also called 4K format 30 frames per second) in 2D and 3D in 1920x1080p24, the ASUSTOR AS7004T equipped with its Core-i3 4330 3 processor, 5GHz is able to broadcast directly to your TV screen or Home-Cinema equipped with the same connection, the media in very high resolution. ASUSTOR even provided an additional S / PDIF digital audio output (Toslink connector using optical fiber) for situations where broadcasting via HDMI would not be possible.

ASUSTOR ayant pourvu aux contraintes matrielles de diffusion avec ces caractristiques prcdentes, il nous reste tudier linterface et les logiciels prvus pour assurer cette diffusion.Tout dabord, ASUSTOR a dvelopp pour son NAS un portail graphique personnalisable pour piloter diffrentes applications, baptisASUSTOR Portal.

ASUSTOR Portal sur la tlvision

LASUSTOR Portail sur notre tlviseur

Ce portail permet sans configuration supplmentaire de piloter le systme dexploitation ADM du NAS, mais donne galement accs au navigateur Internet Google Chrome et YouTube. On retrouve galement certaines applications qui ont t installes partir de lApp Central, comme lapplicationSurveillancede gestion des camras IP, ou encore dans le cas prsentKODI(ex XMBC) le diffuseur de mdias, en consultation directement sur le tlviseur.

Ainsi, lorsque ce dernier a t install, il suffit juste que lASUSTOR AS7004T soit raccord votre systme de diffusion pour profiter pleinement de la diffusion de vos vidos, photos et musiques.

Toutes les fonctionnalits habituelles de XBMC/KODI sont prsentes et les habitus ne seront pas dpayss. La puissance du processeur Intel Core-i3 4330 nous a permis dassurer une diffusion parfaitement fluide de vidos en FULL-HD, y compris lors du dplacement manuel par curseur dans les vidos : aucun dcalage de son, aucune latence de raffichage, pas de pixellisation, surpassant en rendu les bons rsultats que nous obtenions dj avec lAS604T et Boxee.Par contre, nous navons pas pu tester la diffusion mdias en 4K, car nous ne disposons pas du matriel appropri.

Le pilotage peut se raliser en raccordant un clavier et une souris, que lon choisira avantageusement sans fil, ou encore depuis votre appareil mobile sous iOS ou Android.Ainsi, ASUSTOR propose une application appeleAiRemotequi permet de piloter le curseur sur lcran avec votre doigt sur votre appareil mobile la manire du touchpad dun ordinateur portable.

Pour le pilotage de KODI, nous avons galement utilis deux applications trs bien notes sur le Google Play Store et plus labores que AiRemote. La premire Yatse The XBMC / KODI remote (de Tolriq) pour laquelle toutes les commandes ont parfaitement rpondu, et une seconde nomme Kore-Kodi/XBMC remote qui nous a donn un peu de fil retordre, linteraction ne semblant pas parfaitement implmente.

Il est possible de munir lAS7004T dune tlcommande optionnelle acheter auprs du fabricant.

Tlcommande ASUSTOR

Tlcommande ASUSTOR pour diffrents modles

On aurait apprci que celle-ci soit incluse avec le NAS. A noter que cette tlcommande est compatible avec de nombreux modles de la marque.

LASUSTOR Portal se personnalise trs facilement en ordonnant les icnes selon votre choix, en modifiant le fond dcran avec vos propres photos, et en ajoutant par exemple vos raccourcis Internet pour un accs plus rapide.

A nouveau, ce matriel ASUSTOR surpasse, sur la fluidit et la qualit du rendu en diffusion directe, ses autres concurrents que nous avons pu tester dans nos colonnes. Lergonomie est quant elle satisfaisante, mme si par moments nous avons cherch quelques options. Cest un vritable plaisir que de profiter de ses mdias dans ces conditions.

Les performances avec un disque HGST Deskstar NAS

Pour valuer les performances rseau de notre Nas ASUSTOR AS7004T, nous avons, comme notre habitude, opr des transferts de notre fichier de test de 13Go laide de 1 puis 5 ordinateurs connects en Gigabit exploitant Windows 7 Professionnel.

Nous avons constitu deux volumes, lun en mode Single Disk et lautre avec 3 disques en RAID5, afin dvaluer les dbits dans ces deux situations, et notamment valuer notre tout nouveau HGST Desktar NAS de 6 To 7200trs/min.

Ce disque dur est ddi aux environnements NAS. Pour cela, il offre une vitesse de rotation de 7200trs/min, une mmoire cache rapide de 128 Mo, une interface SATA3 6 Gb/s et un poids de 0,84 Kg pour une consommation rduite 6,9W seulement. La fiabilit est au rendez-vous puisquil affiche un MTBF de 1 million dheures et une garantie de 3 ans du constructeur. Autant dire quavec ces caractristiques, on peut lui confier en toute scurit une quantit impressionnante de donnes.Mme son emploi prdestin est une utilisation dans un NAS, il est prvu pour fonctionner galement sous environnement Windows ( partir de Vista) et de Mac OS ( partir de la version 10.5).

Ce disque aux caractristiques de haut niveau, alli notre ASUSTOR AS7004T quip de son puissant processeur Core-i3, nous laisse augurer de performances qui devraient se rvler particulirement intressantes.

Agrgation de liens

Agrgation de liens en mode 802.3ad

Ceci est dautant plus vrai quil supporte lagrgation de liens en mode 802.3ad etnotre switchDGS-1210-24 de Dlink (dont nous vous invitons relire le dossier).

Le premier test a consist en un transfert dun PC quip dun disque SSD Crucial M4 128Goque nous avions test dans un prcdent dossier.

Ce premier test nous permet de confirmer la parfaite adquation entre notre disque HGST Deskstar Nas de 6To et notre ASUSTOR AS7004T avec des performances dj trs impressionnantes de 120,1 Mb/s en Lecture et 117,5 Mb/s en criture, tout en ayant un dbit assez rgulier tant donn quil sagit dun disque en configuration Single.

Pour solliciter davantage lensemble, nous avons procd au mme test, mais cette fois partir de 5 PC.

Indniablement le disque HGST Deskstar Nas de 6To offre des performances en lecture hors normes pour notre ASUSTOR AS7004T en configuration de disque Single avec un taux moyen denviron 222MB/s et quelques pointes en rafale dpassant les 260MB/s. Certes le dbit nest pas rgulier, mais en configuration RAID5, avec 3 ou 4 disques HGST identiques, il y a fort parier que la rgularit serait au rendez-vous, la charge tant rpartie sur lensemble des disques.

La vitesse dcriture nen est pas moins impressionnante, mme si avec 123,2Mb/s environ le couple ASUSTOR AS7004T et HGST Deskstar Nas 6To est moins vloce dans cette situation. Mais l encore, une configuration en RAID5 base dun tel disque offrirait probablement des performances de haut niveau. Nous allons explorer la possibilit de vous offrir ce type de configuration dexception dans nos futurs dossiers.

Les performances en RAID5 + Single

Nous avons donc quip les 3 baies restantes de notre appareil avec trois disques Seagate (ST3000NC002), dornavant plus anciens, pour mesurer les performances en RAID5 avec nos 5 PC pour avoir une sollicitation maximale, tout en conservant en configuration Single notre HGST Deskstar Nas. Cette configuration pourrait tre tout fait reprsentative dune situation o le disque Single serait de type ASUSTOR MyArchive comme nous lavons vu dans une partie prcdente.

Contrairement ce que nous pouvions attendre et ce que nous avons pu constater dans dautres dossiers, la lecture nest pas aussi rgulire que cela, malgr la charge rpartie sur 3 disques et le dbit maximum relev de 220Mb/s, qui est quivalent celui du disque de 6To de HGST. Ce rsultat conforte lexcellente tenue du disque de HGST en conditions difficiles .

Par contre, comme attendu, les disques en RAID5 assurent un dbit en criture de 214,8Mb/s beaucoup plus soutenu que ne loffrait notre disque HGST Deskstar Nas, la charge tant mieux rpartie en criture sur les 3 autres disques, mme si l encore, on note une certaine irrgularit de la courbe.

A noter que dans ces situations, la charge processeur est reste infrieure 30 % en criture et 50 % en lecture, rvlant la puissance suffisante du processeur pour ce type dopration.

Un dernier test a consist solliciter la grappe RAID5 par 3 PC et le disque HGST Desktar Nas par 2 PC. Les dbits maximums se sont peine amliors, mais par contre la rgularit des transferts a t meilleure, comme le montrent les graphiques ci-dessous.

Les dbits sont trs bons, car proches du maximum thorique dans le cadre dune agrgation 802.3ad. Ce protocole est plutt bien gr par lAS7004T comme le montre la rgularit de la courbe en lecture dans cette dernire exprience. Cela confirme bien que les irrgularits constates plus haut sont bien lies lensemble disque et non pas la gestion du rseau.

A noter que cette dernire exprience est la seule qui a russi mettre lappareil dans un besoin de ventilation plus lev, nous rappelant quun ventilateur est bien prsent, puisque nous ne lentendions pas auparavant !

En effet, celui-ci confirme son efficacit ainsi que la bonne conception du botier puisque le processeur est rest maintenu en dessous dune temprature de 90.

LAS7004T dASUSTOR se rvle donc tre un NAS particulirement efficace et trs vloce, notamment sil est quip de disques efficaces comme le HGST Deskstar Nas que nous avons utilis et qui nous a enchants par son comportement face la charge que lui impose lASUSTOR. Les petits soubresauts de rgularit dans les transferts constats dans ces tests de performance seraient probablement gomms avec lutilisation dune grappe RAID5 performante de 4 disques HGST Deskstar Nas qui savrent parfaitement adapts lASUSTOR AS7004T.

Consommation lectrique du AS7004T

Comme toujours pour chacun de nos tests, nous valuons la consommation lectrique de notre appareil.

Lalimentation est une DPS-250AB-44H de Delta Electronics qui dlivre 240W et qui dispose dun petit ventilateur relativement silencieux de 40 mm, ce qui semble amplement suffisant pour fournir en nergie la carte-mre de lappareil, les 4 disques et des priphriques externes qui ne disposeraient pas de leur propre alimentation.

Alimentation du AS7004T

Lalimentation ventile de lAS7004T

La fiche technique officielle de lAS7004T annonce 39.1W en activit, 29.4W en veille des disques durs, et 1.8W enSleep Mode(appareil en veille profonde/appareil teint).

Les relevs que nous avons pu effectuer avec notre appareil de mesure habituel dans la configuration SINGLE avec notre excellent HGST Deskstar NAS 6To, nous donnent les consommations lectriques suivantes pour ce AS7004T :

  • mise sous tension avec le seul HGST : jusqu 57,4W en crte
  • fluctuation entre 37,5W et 38,4W lors du fonctionnement
  • disque dur en inactivit (idle) : 30,3W environ
  • veille du disque : 27,8W
  • en hibernation 2,1 W
  • appareil teint, mais raccord au secteur : 1,9W (EuP activ)

Avec 3 disques Seagate supplmentaires nous avons pu observer pour lensemble des 4 disques :

  • mise sous tension jusqu 94,5W en crte
  • fluctuation entre 67,6W et 68,2W lors du fonctionnement pleine charge
  • disque dur en inactivit (idle) : 51,4W environ
  • veille des disques : 34,1 W
  • en hibernation 2,1 W
  • appareil teint : 1,9W

Contrairement ce que nous avions observ lors du test de lAS604T, les mesures pour cet AS7004T sont lgrement infrieures dans le cas dun seul disque que celles annonces, mais restent suprieures dans le cas de 4 disques. Nanmoins cet appareil se classe dans la moyenne des NAS de cette catgorie avec une consommation plutt matrise, y compris en pleine charge.

Il est possible dinfluencer la consommation globale dnergie de lappareil grce diffrents paramtres rpartis sur diffrents menus.

Comme on peut le voir, il est possible dagir sur les intervalles de temps avant la mise en veille des disques durs et mme de lappareil, ou encore de jouer sur lintensit de laffichage des leds (mme si lconomie savre peu sensible sur ce point).

Dautres dispositifs pour prserver la consommation dnergie sont galement prvus comme la mise sous tension et hors tension programme par calendrier hebdomadaire, le Wake On Lan (rveil de lappareil par le rseau), vitesse automatique du ventilateur, etc.

Rgle de plage horaire d'allumage ou d'extinction du NAS

Rgle de plage horaire dallumage ou dextinction du NAS

Enfin, lafficheur LCD steint rapidement pour contribuer cet ensemble dconomie dnergie.Nous notons que la sortie du mode veille est une des plus rapides que nous ayons vues, le NAS redevenant rapidement ractif. La disponibilit la mise sous tension est galement trs rapide.

Concernant les nuisances sonores, le grand ventilateur extrmement silencieux de 12cm assure la ventilation complte de lAS7004T puisquil ny a pas, rappelons-le, de ventilateur processeur sur ce modle, ce qui rend lappareil dune totale discrtion et lorsque les disques sont en veille, le NAS nmet quun souffle peine perceptible. Il sagit dun rel confort auditif. Sa capacit de dissipation thermique nen souffre pas. En effet, mme si notre disque HGST Deskstar NAS de 6To a t tudi par son constructeur pour rester basse temprature malgr ses 7200 Trs/min, le fait dtre confin dans un botier de si faible encombrement pourrait le faire monter une temprature plus leve.

Temprature en idle

Temprature en idle

Temprature en forte activit

Temprature en forte activit

Nous avons relev la temprature de notre disque au repos et en forte activit, et nous avons pu observer que la conjugaison des excellentes performances du disque et du botier permettent de maintenir celui-ci en dessous de 38C dans une pice dont la temprature est autour de 21 C.

Il sagit donc dun NAS parfaitement tudi pour rester discret dans un bureau par exemple, tout en restant allum 24/24 de par sa sobrit lectrique, en maintenant parfaitement les disques une temprature relativement basse.

Notre avis sur lASUSTOR AS7004T

Arriv au terme de ce dossier, cest un sentiment de grand plaisir davoir lASUSTOR AS7004T entre les mains, de par la puissance et les fonctionnalits quil offre.

Nous avons le mme enthousiasme pour ce solide botier harmonieux, bien conu et trs pratique grce son afficheur digital et ses boutons de commandes que nous avions pour lAS604T. La connectique est suffisante en nombre et trs satisfaisante en terme de performances offertes, que ce soit pour le rseau en Gigabit, lUSB 3 et le HDMI 1.4a, que pour les autres connectiques.

Les progrs raliss sur la consommation lectrique par rapport notre prcdent dossier ASUSTOR, notamment appareil teint, amnent lAS7004T dans des consommations quivalentes celles des appareils aux caractristiques similaires. Le silence du NAS quant lui est toujours exemplaire : la ventilation est particulirement silencieuse, et comme elle est thermorgule, on ne lentend jamais plus que ncessaire, cest–dire rarement grce la conception du botier particulirement bien tudie par ASUSTOR.

Les fonctions et les applications disponibles se sont enrichies avec la nouvelle version du systme dexploitation ADM 2.3, montrant les capacits dASUSTOR faire voluer son matriel en le dotant aussi bien de fonctions pour le grand public que pour le milieu professionnel.

Ainsi, la gestion et la diffusion du multimdia offertes par lAS7004T sont dun haut niveau, rejoignant celles proposes par les concurrents tnors dans le domaine des NAS, voire les dpassant mme sur certains points comme la diffusion fluide des mdias grce KOBI et la connectique HDMI 1.4. Dommage que la tlcommande soit optionnelle et que nous nayons pu la tester pour apprcier le confort de diffusion.

La gestion des services rseau est trs professionnelle, permettant de rpondre un large ventail de situations rseau, y compris dans le domaine de la virtualisation o lon a pu apprcier lintgration sans faille de lAS7004T dans notre environnement VMware Esxi. Il est vrai que lAS7004T est, rappelons-le, certifi VMware Ready et Citrix Ready autorisant par l mme son intgration sans inquitude dans ce genre darchitecture.La gestion de type Cloud est supporte et mriterait daprs nous de voir le panel des plates-formes complt pour offrir un choix encore plus vaste.

Enfin, la mobilit nest pas en reste avec un large panel dapplications disponibles, aussi bien sous iOS que sous Android.

Nous navons malheureusement pas eu le temps de toutes les tester, mais nous navons dplor aucun bug sur celles que nous avons essayes, notamment AiRemote qui nous a permis de nous passer de la tlcommande optionnelle.

Cest donc un appareil trs polyvalent quil nous a t donn de tester. Les performances de trs haut niveau quil offre, notamment lorsquil est associ un disque de la qualit du HGST Deskstar Nas de 6To dont nous disposions, en font un appareil redoutable defficacit. En fait, nous avons presque regrett de ne pas avoir davantage de baies pour pousser encore plus loin les performances sur des configurations de disques plus labores.

Cest surtout vrai dune part parce quASUSTOR dcline cette gamme avec des modles tour 8 et 10 baies baptiss AS7008T et AS7010T, ainsi quen racks 9 et 12 baies (AS7009RD et AS7012RD), et que dautre part lAS7004T offre avec le systme MyArchive une manire originale de stockage et de partage des donnes. Cest une vritable innovation par rapport ce que nous avons pu observer chez la concurrence.

NAS AS70xx

La gamme AS70xx

Il nous apparat clairement quASUSTOR offre dornavant un systme de bon niveau, mature, avec une large gamme de produits lamenant trs proche des tnors que sont Qnap et Synology notamment dans ce domaine trs disput des NAS destination des professionnels et du grand public. Equip de disques comme le HGST Desktar Nas, il se transforme en vritable bte de course, avec des transferts impressionnants. Il ne manque plus que de lui ajouter deux interfaces rseau de plus pour rivaliser en ce domaine avec la concurrence.Avec de telles puissances de processeurs dans cette gamme de produits, on pourrait souhaiter que des applications de virtualisation au sein mme de lappareil fassent leur apparition Faisons confiance la capacit dASUSTOR dinnover pour nous proposer cela dans une prochaine version de son systme ADM.

Vous laurez devin, nous recommandons lachat cet AS7004T dASUSTOR que lon peut trouver aux alentours de 1100 euros TTC sans disque, dautant plus quASUSTOR garantit son matriel 3 ans. Cest un prix certes important pour un NAS 4 baies, mais qui reste dans la moyenne des NAS 4 baies quivalents de ce niveau de performances.

Achetez le NAS ASUSTOR AS7004T sur Amazon

Strong points
  • la puissance de l'appareil : processeur, mmoire extensible
  • la diffusion des mdias et la connectique HDMI
  • les performances rseau
  • le systme spcifique MyArchive
  • le design, la solidit et la conception de l'appareil (avec cran)
  • les progrs accomplis dans ADM
  • les trs faibles nuisances sonores
  • la quantit d'applications dans l'App Central
  • le port USB en faade
Weak points
  • la traduction parfois approximative ou avec des fautes de frappe
  • pas de module de virtualisation
  • deux interfaces rseaux seulement pour un NAS professionnel
  • l'obligation de l'ID ASUSTOR