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Amazon enters the Premier League with broadcast rights

Premier League

For three years, twenty matches per season of the English football championship will be broadcast exclusively by Amazon in the United Kingdom. In the future, you should probably expect more with Facebook, YouTube and others.

Across the Channel, Amazon has just obtained – for an undisclosed amount – broadcasting rights for the Premier League. From the 2019-2020 season and for a period of three years, Amazon will offer twenty matches per season of the England Football Championship.

Amazon-Prime "width =" 176 "height =" 110Via Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom, these will not be the most popular matches, but all the same, midweek and public holiday matches. BT Sport and Sky Sports will continue to broadcast most of the Premier League.

Even this only concerns the United Kingdom, it is a very beautiful showcase obtained by Amazon with one of the most followed football championships in the world. It's also the whole strategy that Amazon continues to implement around Amazon Prime subscribers. For them, there will be no additional cost.

In France, Amazon has just announced the launch of its Echo and Alexa speakers. A carrot is access to Prime Music for Prime subscribers in order to benefit without additional cost from a music streaming offer with 40 hours of music per month (2 million songs). All this to boost Amazon Prime subscriptions? and thus Amazon's e-commerce activity.

Beyond the single case of Amazon, it is once again confirmation of the attraction of the big American platforms for sport, and obviously football in Europe. In the future, other big hits of the same kind are expected.