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a price for mixed reality glasses

Mixed reality glasses Magic Leap One took a concrete turn at the end of 2017 during their official presentation. Consisting of a pair of glasses clad with sensors to analyze the surrounding environment and display virtual information and a box managing the treatment to be worn on the belt, the gadget knows how to be a little more discreet than other solutions, like Microsoft's HoloLens headset (but which directly takes on computing power).

A preliminary version Creator Edition is already available for developers but imposes conditions so that the product remains secure in premises. At the official announcement, the launch was scheduled for 2018.

Magic Leap One 02

This large window remains current, according to a new presentation made at the beginning of the month, which suggests marketing on the second semester 2018, which should make investors impatient after several years of development and hundreds of millions of dollars sunk.

Magic Leap One accessories

The price of Magic Leap One was also briefly mentioned. Rony Abovitz, CEO of Magic Leap, stressed that it will be comparable to that of a high-end smartphone for the basic version, which could start the price grid around 1000 dollars, reports the site TechRadar, and knowing that the Creator Edition version, produced in small series, costs 3000 dollars.

During the June presentation, Magic Leap confirmed the presence of aeye-tracking, gestures and voice commands to control mixed reality glasses.

They will also have headphones, also with a headphone jack on the control unit. The glasses will be offered in two sizes and while it may not be possible to use them with prescription glasses, lens wearers should be able to take advantage of them.