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7.5 million subscriptions in France

As of March 31, 2018, the number of very high speed Internet subscriptions on fixed networks was around 7.5 million (out of a total of 28.6 million high and very high speed subscriptions) according to the latest figures published by l 'Telecom regulatory authority.

Depending on the definition used, this very high speed means a downstream speed greater than or equal to 30 Mbps. The technologies involved are FTTH (end-to-end optical fiber), networks with coaxial cable termination, VDSL2 but also 4G SIM cards for fixed use.

The growth in very high speed comes mainly from the increase in the number of fiber optic accesses from end to end. More of 3.6 million locals benefit from a FTTH subscription. An increase of 1.2 million premises over one year.

End of March, nearly 11 million dwellings are eligible to FTTH offers (+33% over one year). In very dense areas, 4.9 lines are FTTH connectable. There are 4.7 million in the less dense areas of private initiative, and 1.3 million in the less dense areas of public initiative (RIP).

" The rate of pooling of FTTH lines is still far behind in less dense areas of public initiative (30% against 75% on national average) ", emphasizes Arcep.

On, a map allows you to follow the evolution of FTTH deployments commune by commune. It now offers more information in advanced view mode.