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its launch could be postponed to November

Apple Publi: March 26, 2020Updated: March 26, 2020by Steve

This is the rumor of the day. You are not without knowing (we hope for you anyway) that the coronavirus is currently rampant all over the world, except in China where the epidemic gradually seems to be subsiding … Because of this virus, the production of the world whole is stopped. And that might just stop Apple, which would postpone, according to the latest rumors, the release of his famous iPhone 12.

Apple Store Carrousel du Louvre 739x493 - iPhone 12: its launch could be postponed to November

A postponement that would not be too disabling: instead of a release at the end of September, the apple brand would expect to be marketed in November, due to two months of delay in production. At least that's what a generally knowledgeable Twitter user says, who keeps reporting leaks in the middle.

"Mass production for the iPhone 12 is slated for May (out of habit), but it just isn't going to happen," he wrote. ?Do you remember the postponement of the iPhone X in 2017? Yeah. Expect that ?. He also mentions the leaks on the iPhone design: "None of this has been finalized yet, and the concepts you see are a mix of all the prototypes already made." In short, do not wait for the iPhone 12 for the month of September.