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Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X free for 3 months


Published: March 31, 2020Updated: March 31, 2020by Steve

Do you want to save nearly 600 euros today? Good news for you, Apple decided to make a move for you. And they are regularly rare, these gestures, coming from the largest technology firm in the world! Indeed, the apple brand has decided to offer you two software programs that usually cost the skin of the buttocks. Final Cut Pro X, whose price is capped at 329.99 euros, and Logic Pro X, which costs no less than 229.99 euros, are available now on Apple?s US site.

apple store san diego - Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X free for 3 months

So, obviously, we don't really offer them to you. To tell the truth, the Californian firm preferred rather to extend the trial period of its products, which was previously one month, up to three months. As a reminder, Final Cut Pro X is an ultra-complete video editing software, used by the greatest professionals, and Logic Pro X is music creation software.

You can therefore take advantage of these two software programs for 90 days by going exclusively to the American site of Apple. In this period of confinement, the apple brand wanted to be generous and thus allow everyone to professionalize before the recovery … Thank you Apple!