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Block your SIM card after losing or stealing a smartphone

Your smartphone is missing? Not sure if they stole you or if you lost it? When in doubt, it is better to act quickly. Here are some tips to avoid having your personal data reused.

Image 1: Block your SIM card after losing or stealing a smartphone

You just lost your mobile phone and you don't know where or how. Worse, you are stripped of all the data it contains! The first thing to do is to block your SIM card to make it unusable.

After a theft, you must act immediately to object. Your priority will be to contact your mobile operator and report the theft so that he can suspend the line. This before a third party can use it. As your telephone is still in working order, it is better to block your SIM card to protect you from any fraudulent actions.

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How to suspend your telephone line after theft / loss?

Before contacting your mobile operator, have your latest telephone bill available. You will find there the essential information (username, password, even four-digit confidential code) to prove that you are the owner of the line.

Each mobile operator now gives you the possibility of suspending your package either by telephone or on your online subscriber space:

  • SFR on 06 10 00 19 63 or via
  • Orange at 3900 or via
  • Bouygues on 1064 or via
  • Free at 3244 or via

Once your identity has been verified, your operator will (almost instantaneously) block your SIM card. Your line will become inaccessible to any other user and you will be asked to order a new SIM card.

Be careful however: even if your SIM card is unusable after opposition, this does not prevent the resale of your mobile phone.

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Do not forget to report the theft of your smartphone!

Within two days of losing your mobile, report it to the nearest police or gendarmerie station. You will be required to complete a complaint form mentioning:

  • the brand and model of your smartphone,
  • your mobile phone number and the name of your operator,
  • the circumstances of the loss, mainly the date and time,
  • the IMEI number of your telephone
Image 2: Block your SIM card after losing or stealing a smartphone

LIMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is an identifier, composed of 15 to 17 digits. It is unique and allows the competent authorities to locate but also to block (or unblock) your mobile device. It is usually indicated under the battery of your smartphone. It can also be identified by typing # 06 # on your telephone keypad. Of course, if you have lost or have had your smartphone replaced, you no longer have access to it! Do not panic: lIMEI is informed about the box and the invoice of your device if you have kept them.

Finally, you will have to send a copy of the complaint report mentioning the IMEI number of the telephone to your operator. Once received, the latter will record the code among the list of stolen mobiles. Thus, all communications placed from this telephone will be cut. In theory. In practice, blocking is only authorized in France; your smartphone can therefore be put back into circulation everywhere else in the world.

Contact your bank and your insurer

If you use NFC services or link your credit card to your appstore / Google Play account, inform your bank of loss or theft of your mobile device, in order to file an objection.

Likewise, if you have purchased mobile insurance, report the incident to find out about your guarantees and the compensation to which you are entitled.

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