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The iPad Air already disassembled – iPhone Soft

The iPad Air already disassembled – iPhone Soft

iPad AirIFixit specialists went to Australia to take advantage of the time difference and buy an iPad Air as soon as possible. And as usual, they took it apart piece by piece to test it.

The results are also quite close to previous iDevice tests. The quality is excellent, but the "repairability" is disastrous. iFixit rated the iPad Air 2 out of 10. A 10/10 is the most easily repairable device.

ipad air

ipad air screen

ipad air component

ipad air battery

The test does not reveal any novelty except for the battery. Apple has changed that of three 43 WHr cells to a two-cell model (32.9 WHr), but thanks to the best consumption of the A7 and M7, this is not a problem, quite the contrary.

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