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Samsung plans to attack iPhone 5

In the fight between Samsung Apple, the coren glove would prevent the marketing of the iPhone 5 in South Coren. At least, at first.

While the iPhone 5 has not yet been introduced – nor formalized – by Apple, Samsung has decided not to waste time and is already preparing a request concerning the ban on the marketing of the iPhone 5 in Korea South, reports the Korea Times.

?As soon as iPhone 5 arrives, Samsung plans to take Apple to court for infringement of wireless patents?, a Samsung executive said on condition of anonymity to the South Korean daily. It will be impossible for Apple to sell its products with telecommunications functions, without using our patents, he adds.

Cited by the same source, another Samsung executive said he believed he was "confident" in the legal battle between his Apple group in Germany where the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet is currently banned from sale. As a reminder, a German court ruled Apple on September 9 by ruling that its tablet and the competing model of Samsung ?presented a general aspect similar?, in particular by their ?minimalist? design in both cases. Samsung has announced that it will appeal the decision.

Apple has started an all-out legal battle against Samsung, not only over tablets but also smartphones from South Korea, which the Californian group considers too inspired by its famous iPhone. A Dutch court has already banned the sale of three models of Samsung phones in several European countries. Procedures are also underway in the United States, Australia and South Korea.

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(Source: Korea Times )