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How to use Zoom videoconference

The reasons for holding meetings via video web chat instead of face to face are many and varied. This could be due to geographic differences, time constraints and even health restrictions. But with today's technology, these challenges have not stopped individuals and businesses from getting things done. While before video chats were limited to only two people at a time, apps like Zoom and Skype have catapulted the videoconference game to a whole new level. Today, a hundred participants can simultaneously participate in a videoconference, each from a different location.

Let's now discover the world of the use of Zoom videoconferencing.

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Zoom in

The components you will need to participate in a video conference are a good Internet connection and a laptop or computer. If your desktop or laptop computer does not already have a camera, you can purchase a webcam and install it.

Now that you have the necessary hardware, you must then click on your browser and enter to connect to the Zoom website and quickly register for a free account. You can also log in using your Facebook or Google accounts instead of logging back in.

Hosting a meeting – Once your Zoom account has been configured, you can start a meeting by clicking on the Organize a meeting option at the top right of the screen. You can then choose from the three options to activate your video, deactivate the video or share your screen only. Click on the Active video option, then click on Open zoom again. Your face will automatically appear on the screen, thanks to the camera.

With your face on the video screen, you will see a menu of options at the bottom of the window.

Start by clicking on the Invite icon to gather people for the meeting. Another contextual screen will give you the possibility to send the invitations by e-mail. You then click on the Copy URL icon and paste it into the body of your email. Remember that participants will also need an invitation to participate in your meeting, just as they would need to get married. This is where the password comes in. It is displayed at the bottom left of the screen. Be sure to also send it by email.

There is, however, an alternative to all of this. Click on the Copy invitation icon and paste it into the body of the email which you can then send directly from the application.

The email should read something like this:

Join the Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 520 292 623

Password: 567667

On the other hand, if you are invited and you receive such an e-mail, click on the link and follow it to register. First make sure you have installed the Zoom app.

Zoom on other videoconference applications

Zoom has several advantages over its competitors. On the one hand, it allows you to share with everyone on the chat what's on your screen. Click on the green icon on the sharing screen.

Second, even if you were the initiator of the group video call, you can hand the reins over to someone else. And finally, you can document it as a video by pressing the record button in the menu. Suppose you record the meeting, once you stop recording, the application saves the video file in MP4 format which you can store as recordings.

Zoom back

Once the meeting is finished, simply click on the red icon marked End of the meeting

Overall, the Zoom interface is very user-friendly for any new user, and the best way to learn is really to get started.

If you want to use Zoom on your Apple or Android mobile device, you can download mobile applications to help you get started in mobile video conferencing. Don't stay away from wherever you are.