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First photos of the Grand Central Apple Store

Rumors about the arrival of an Apple Store in New York Grand Central station appeared at the end of May. A video had already appeared on the net (see our article of August 16), but photos available on the Internet show what thousands of New York commuters can see every day: the construction site of the future Apple Store.

As a reminder, it will be the fifth flagship opened in New York City. The Apple Store in Grand Central will occupy 1,400 square meters. Apple has paid 5 million dollars (3.4 million euros) to take over this space and the annual rent should slever 1.1 million (764,000 euros).

The opening of this new Apple Store is planned for the holiday season.

If you are passing through New York, do not hesitate to send us photos of the future Apple Store thanks to the reporting function of our application Beep Mobile!

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