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Best social media management apps for iPhone

The key to advertising today is to create professionally managed social media accounts on the most popular applications. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you have a brand that you want to build, then your best bet is to keep it relevant.

With the many social media platforms available today, it's a hassle in itself just to keep your accounts up to date with the latest content related to your brand. This is why it is important to invest in social media management tools for your iPhone. Here are the best social media management apps for iPhone.

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Best social media management apps for iPhone


The developers of Hookle created this application with small businesses in mind. It was intended to help these companies take time for their business and their promotions on social networks via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business. And although the developers were originally for Android, they later realized that they would respond to both the iPhone and Android.

With Hookle, you can manage all of your social media accounts from the app. It is a question of planning the publication of messages at a later date. You can also track your door and your influence on social networks using their unique Social Splash feature.

Download Hookle

Friendly hub

The Likeable Hub application is available on your mobile phone and your desktop computer. It allows you to post to multiple accounts, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

The app also shares ideas and a news feed, effectively providing you with content to share with your subscribers. You don't have to find the messages for yourself. You get industry-specific ideas based on the subject of your page. This could relate to dentistry, the dissemination of the media, dry cleaning or agriculture. For a fee, the app can plan, organize and create content related to the subject of your social network account.

And finally, via the application, you can reply to comments in your different accounts without having to log in to the real application, whether it be Facebook or Instagram. This keeps you from getting distracted by other people's posts.

Download Likeable Hub


This management application has a limit on the number of publications you can make in the free version, so if it suits you and you want to continue using it, you will need to subscribe via a payment package. As for the featured offers, it is the most compatible with Pinterest because it allows the user to post increased messages between Pinterest and Instagram, unlike other applications.

Another feature offered on Tailwind is that it has a previously used hashtag folder titled “ Saved Hashtags '' so you don't have to type in new if you want to recycle a particular hashtag. You can also put the said hashtag in the first comment rather than in the main body if it is your preference.

Download Tailwind


CEO and founder Laura Roeder said MeetEdgar was created by a small business for a small business. As a businesswoman herself, she designed the app to give the business owner time to focus on running the business and letting social media management run the app, which she named “ Edgar ''.

So, once you've downloaded the app, you start by setting up the accounts that Edgar should publish to. Compatible are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The application also has a library where stored information can be shared and re-shared again and again. For example, when you launch a promotion that you want to keep in people's minds, Edgar does all the grunt work for you by republishing it.

Download MeetEdgar

Smart Post

Smart post offers a free trial package which facilitates unlimited accounts on social networks. This is ideal for social media agencies that represent multiple clients. Smart publishing is for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and allows you to publish to all accounts at the click of a button. There is also the possibility of scheduling messages for a later date if you do not want to do it on the spot.

You can align a list of up to 50 publications in one day with the ability to recycle and reuse publications from your history. The creators of Smart Post also allow you to check your previous messages for a month.

Download Smart Post