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Netflix now allows you to lock a profile with a PIN code, here's how to activate it

Netflix adds new features – mostly parental controls – but still has something useful even for those who don't have kids: PIN profile locking. Here's how to activate the feature.

Netflix PIN code Crédits: Phonandroid

Netflix Adds Series Of Parental Control Features one of which should also appeal to couples with children. Netflix now allows lock each profile with a different PIN code. Enough to prevent other family members or friends from using your profile, for example, and sow discord on your personalized home page. In addition to being able to better limit what children can watch.

Concretely this PIN code is a four-digit code. To set it up, you have to go through the web version of Netflix for now. However, once activated, you will be asked both on the web and in the platform's applications (smartphones, tablets, Android TV, etc.). Among the other features that Netflix has just added, there is the possibility of installing filters on a profile by age category.

What restrict the viewing of suitable titles. It is also possible to delete content individually so that a specific profile no longer has access to it. Profiles now have a section in the account pages. This makes it easier to control the parental settings of each account. It is also possible to consult the list of programs viewed in the child profiles.

And to deactivate the automatic reading of the episodes in these profiles.

How to protect a Netflix profile with a PIN code

For that :

  • Go to Netflix from your PC / Mac
  • On the home page, after the profile selection screen, click on your avatar at the top right
  • Click onAccount in the drop down menu
  • Click on the profile you wish to lock by PIN code in the sectionParental profiles and control
  • Click onEdit right of Locking profiles
  • Enter the password for your Netflix account and click onContinue
  • Check the boxRequest the entry of a PIN code to access the profileand enter a four digit code on your keyboard
  • Click on Record

Now you will be asked for the code each time you access the profile in question on Netflix.

How to remove or change the PIN code on a Netflix profile

If you have lost the code or no longer want a PIN code:

  • Connect Netflix from your PC / Mac
  • On the profile selection page, select the one whose code you forgot
  • At the bottom of the page, click on Have you forgotten your PIN code?
  • Enter the password for your Netflix account and click onContinue
  • Uncheck the boxRequest the entry of a PIN code to access the profileor enter a new four-digit code on your keyboard
  • Click onRecord

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What do you think of this new feature? Share your opinion in the comments!

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