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Google Meet replaces Hangouts Meet, Hangouts brand disappears a little more

This week, Google changed the Hangouts Meet support page by simply changing that name to Google Meet. This change is a new step in the removal of the Hangouts brand, synonymous with Google's failure in the area of ??instant messaging, Facebook and WhatsApp.

google meet replaces hangouts meet

It's no secret to anyone: Google wants to get rid of Hangouts. Originally launched as a competitor to Facebook Messenger, in addition to Google+, this instant messaging has not succeeded in simulating with the general public who preferred Facebook applications to it, including WhatsApp. Google then redirected Hangouts to professionals, by head-to-head competition with Skype, with two apps, Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

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This week we learn that Google is renaming Hangouts Meet. It will be called very soon Google Meet, simply. The information, relayed by our American colleagues from 9to5Google, comes from the Google applications technical support page where Hangouts Meet has been replaced by Google Meet, as you can see in the screenshot below. There is nothing clearer. Note that for the past few months, Google spokespeople have been calling the Meet app. As if Hangouts no longer exists.

google meet replaces hangouts meet

Take advantage of the influx of workers

This change is not trivial. And Google didn't choose to do it in April by accident. It seems that Google wants take advantage of the confinement period of many countries, following the international coronavirus epidemic, to simulate on the videoconference market with companies. Field in which Microsoft and Zoom are already well established. a period when meetings are now held at a distance, Google hopes to convince those who have been owed by competition. But you have to do it now. Do the urgency to free yourself from the Hangouts brand.

A brand that is synonymous with failure for Google. Indeed, despite the strong legitimacy of Google, despite the systematic presence of the application in Android from KitKat, despite the multiple connections with the most popular G Suite tools (including Gmail), Hangouts na perc. Rumors for two years say Google wants to remove brand by the end of 2020. And a new milestone has just been crossed.

Source: 9to5Google

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