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Google launches less intrusive notifications, here are the new features

Chrome 81 is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Despite the delay caused by the epidemic, this new iteration includes several new features, including a new, less intrusive notification system for messaging platforms. Discover all the new features of this version 81 of the Google browser.

chrome 5 security holes

Two months after the deployment of Chrome 80, Google released Chrome 81 online. Following containment measures against the coronavirus, the Mountain View company was forced to suspend updates to the web browser while its developer teams 'organize. Google teams finally had returned to work at the end of March. To catch up, Google delayed the release of Chrome 81 by several days and decided to skip Chrome 82.

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Google fixes 32 security holes with Chrome 81

Given the delay, Google has focused on fixing security breaches. With this version 81, the American firm corrects 32 vulnerabilities found in the web browser. Google had identified three critical flaws, especially in terms of extensions and audio.

This new iteration therefore brings only a few minor novelties. For example, Chrome now supports the NFC Web API. Clearly, a web page can maintain read and write NFC tags. This feature promises to be especially useful in certain specific areas, such as business (with better management of security badges) and museums. By using Chrome, an individual strolling through an exhibition can obtain information on the works exhibited by simply reading its NFC badge. No need to go through a dedicated NFC application.

Chrome 81 also signs the arrival of a feature called application icon badges. This option allows websites to transmit information discreetly to Internet users without interrupting their activity. This is especially useful for chat and messaging platforms. Thanks to this novelty, notifications from Messenger, Facebook or Twitter will be less intrusive. The alert will only appear in a discreet badge on the relevant tab.

Finally, Chrome now loads HTTP loads on an HTTPS site in HTTPS. If conversion is not possible, the browser will simply block the images. Obviously, the firm is doing its best to push the adoption of HTTPS. What do you think of these new features? We await your opinion in the comments below.

Click here to download Google Chrome 81 on Windows, Mac and Linux

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