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Chrome for Android will soon be compatible with multi-window

Chrome for Android adapts to multi-window for flexible and double-notch devices. The option will launch two different instances of chrome to facilitate multitasking. failing to offer the same flexibility as PC use, the experience comes a little closer.Chrome Android on the Galaxy Fold

On a computer, it's easier to switch from one tab to another on Chrome, or even open two different windows side by side for multitasking. The mobile version is much less flexible, but the arrival of foldable and double-notched smartphones makes it easier to open two instances at the same time.

Google wants to adapt this evolution by offering the multi-fentrage in Chrome for Android. This new feature will promote multi-tasking, which is one of the advantages offered by flexible screen smartphones. Currently, these offer a stretch view of a single Chrome tab, but it will soon be possible to open a different tab on the two parts of the screen. This is indicated by the latest change seen in the history of changes to Chromium Guerrit.

According to the description of this new feature, you will be able to use a second display to open a second spar tab, possibly using the option Move to another window Chrome, spotted for the first time in the era of Android Nougat. Indeed, this functionality had started to be developed after the release of the ZTE Axon M, the start of dual-screen smartphones.

The Google team comes back two years later. Like most new chromium features, it all starts with a new flag titled # android-multiple-display. The latter is currently inactive. It's hard to say when this feature will be operational, especially as Google?s development team is idling with the covid-19 pandemic.

Either way, this feature will come in handy for Chrome users on devices like the Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X or Microsoft's Surface Duo. It is also quite possible that the Edge browser can recover the same functionality on Android, which is also based on the chromium core.

Source: 9to5Google

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