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Apple begins manufacturing masks for hospitals

Apple has donated 20 million masks to hospitals to further contribute to the fight against coronavirus worldwide. In addition, Tim Cook announced that the company has started the design and production of protective masks that will be donated to healthcare professionals.

Apple hospital masks

In a video posted to Twitter, Tim Cook said that Apple had donated more than 20 million masks from different parts of the world and that the company would offer even more. These new models come from the Apple supply chain and were produced precisely at the request of the company.

In addition, Tim Cook has revealed that Apple has designed custom protections that will be provided to healthcare professionals in the United States. The first batch of these face masks was delivered to Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara. Apple hopes to produce 1 million more a week, to distribute it in other countries also affected by COVID-19.

Here are Tim Cook's words:

In these very difficult times, I hope you are well and secure. Apple teams have worked hard on how we can support our heroic doctors and nurses who are on the front line, and today I want to share two things.

First, the number of models we have managed to find in our supply chain has reached over 20 million worldwide. This is a truly global effort and we work continuously and closely with governments at all levels to ensure that they are delivered to the places that need them most.

Second, we launched a new project that brings together engineers, packaging teams and our suppliers to design, manufacture and ship protections for healthcare professionals.

Our first shipment was delivered to Kaiser Santa Clara hospitals last week and the comments from the doctors were very positive. This is the packaging, 100 masks per box. Each protection is assembled in less than two minutes and is fully adjustable. We buy materials and produce these protections in the United States and China.

We plan to ship over a million a week. We work closely with health care professionals and government officials in the United States to send them where they are most needed. We hope to quickly expand distribution outside the United States.

We focus on the ways that Apple can help people today, urgently meeting the basic needs of healthcare professionals.

For Apple, this is a work of love and gratitude, and we will be sharing our efforts in the coming weeks. In the meantime, each of us can prevent the virus from spreading by following expert advice to stay at home and stay safe.

Thanks for all you've done. Thank you again to those who are at the forefront of this fight. Stay safe, protect your health and that of others.