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Behind the scenes of Apple – Belgium-iPhone

Do you want to know more about ?behind the scenes? of Apple and its management system? Journalist Adam Lashinsky of the US magazine Fortune got the chance to interfere in the offices of the Apple Cupertino headquarters in California.

It is in the Fortune issue of May 23 that readers will be able to discover the famous company (one of the most popular in the world) from a different perspective.

As a teasing, Adam Lashinsky explains that despite the success of the firm, Apple prides itself on maintaining a spirit of startup where each employee, regardless of rank and age, is held responsible for the success or failure of Apple products. The box even has a term for a: DRI, for Directly Responsible Individual or Individu Directement Responsable.

Finally, the journalist indicates that he was able to attend in particular the lynching in good standing of the team responsible for the development of MobileMe, which had made a flop when it was released in 2008. The Apple boss had not failed to yell at his employees in their saying that they were the ones directly responsible for the bad image of the company after this failure.

The magazine will be available for free on iPad for subscribers and accessible to everyone else on the App Store for $ 4.99.

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