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White iPhone 4: a rat launch for Apple?

Marketed in Belgium (as well as in other countries) since this Thursday, April 28, 2011, the white iPhone 4 does not seem to have met with the desired success.

This white decline of the iPhone 4 has been expected for more than 10 months. Suffice to say that for many, this model of iPhone 4 would never have seen the light of day. Consequently, many people have inquired and have already bought the iPhone 4 in its black version.

Is the white iPhone 4 coming too late ?

In any case, this is the feeling that this beginning of marketing leaves us with, the results seem rather mixed. Indeed, there was, so to speak, no line in front of the Mobistar Center and other brands (Apple Premium Reseller) for the launch of the white iPhone 4. Stocks were however limited (+/- twenty white iPhone 4s per shop) but this does not seem to have posed too many problems for customers who wanted to get one since no shortage was noted after these 5 days following the launch of this product.

The fairly low enthusiasm has been used in other European countries as well as in the United States where consumers have shunned this white iPhone 4.

It was only in Asia that the launch of the white iPhone 4 gathered crowds. The color white is more anchored in their culture and, therefore, it seems normal to them to opt for the purchase of the white iPhone 4. We will thus notice the many queues in Hong-Kong as well as in Japan (where this day of Thursday April 28 was also synonymous with the launch of the iPad 2, whose marketing date was postponed following the earthquake and the tsunami who devastated the country).

Apple has accustomed us, since the launch of the iPhone 3G, to the commercialization of each new generation of iPhone towards the end of June, beginning of July. Consumers are therefore rather cautious about buying a white version of the iPhone 4 which brings nothing more than its counterpart in black only 1 month from the WWDC ((Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the biggest show dedicated to developers on Mac OS X and iOS).

Even if it seems obvious that no new generation of iPhone will see the light of day before September, or even October 2011, it's only been 4 to 5 months waiting for the release of a new pomm smartphone. Buying an iPhone remains an investment and for the most fanatic of the apple brand, having a black iPhone 4 will not necessarily encourage the purchase of the same model in white.

Apple did not communicate much on the withdrawal of this white model of iPhone from their catalog in July 2010 because it seemed to pose quite a few problems in terms of the dissipation of the backlighting of the screen, an effect of Reverberation of the camera flash, the rendered images of which turned white, and finally, the proximity sensor, which also seemed to be a problem.

According to our tests, all these problems have therefore been definitively resolved (see:The white iPhone 4: analyzed and dissected by writing?).

The craze for this product is therefore not present and Apple risks paying the costs until WWDC, where many people are still waiting for the announcement of a new product (which should not happen since we expect the presentation of a Golden Master version of Mac OS X Lion and a first beta version of iOS 5 to developers). Sales of the white iPhone 4 are likely to pick up again after this developer fair and keep iPhone 4 sales level until the next generation, expected by the end of this summer.

There is no doubt that Apple will integrate its dual core processor Apple 5 in the next generation of the apple smartphone but the unknown remains large as to the new features that could be integrated into this model. This fifth-generation iPhone could be what the iPhone 3GS faced with the iPhone 3G, a rise in power while keeping the same design as the previous generation.

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