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TomTom in the storm in the Netherlands

Against the backdrop of the localization affair in which Apple is involved, another company faces a lot of criticism from its subscribers in the Netherlands: the famous GPS navigator TomTom.

The Dutch company, on the basis of a joint agreement with public authorities, had resold some of their location data from their devices, as well as GPS applications for smartphones (including the iPhone). The purpose was, according to TomTom, to help authorities locate dangerous traffic areas.

Good luck, bad luck, the authorities shared the data with the Dutch police who hastened to place fixed speed cameras in dangerous places where speed was less respected …

Reactions were not long in coming on the TomTom forums because people say they are outraged to have been so pigs!

Harold Goddijn, CEO of TomTom, was obliged to react and explain via a press release the reasons for this contract in order to calm the game. Thus, according to his words, the transmitted data are completely anonymous and do not identify In addition, he specifies that the vast majority of the company's customers have given their agreement to authorize TomTom to be able to resell some of this data during their purchase. He explains the importance of this data for the authorities, who make good use of it to build the roads where they are needed, thereby making traffic smoother and safer, for the benefit of all.

According to Harold Goddijn, TomTom was unaware that this information would be used by the police and would be used to place new speed cameras in dangerous places where speed is less respected.

This data collection is of course carried out everywhere and is not localized only in the Netherlands. It concerns all devices from the firm, including the iPhone application. The problem seems to have arisen only in the Netherlands at present.

We remain vigilant on this subject which will not fail to interest you.

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